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2021-04-27 Montans Know How To Fight - American Prairie Reserve Land Grab
2020-12-01 American Policy Center News - The Green New Deal Taking Everthing You Hold Dear

2019-12-21 Western Legacy Alliance Takes Tax Payer Fight to Congress
In past decade just 12 environmental groups filed more than 3,300 lawsuits recovering more
than $37 million in EAJA funds. There are hundreds of groups who are using courts to remove productive use of lands and getting paid for their actions regardless of whether they win or not. The mere filing of a suit often results in payments. Per Budd-Falen's research.

Print this brochure out (Landscape), link below, and distribute -

2019 Save The Cowboy STOP American Prairie Reserve Brochure

2019-11 World Wildlife Fund Controls American Beef Industry Tom DeWeese Alert -

Ask President Trump 202-456-1111 To Take Immediate Action

Link to www.theguardian.com and search for the following two articles. 1. "In Montana, land transfer threatens the American rancher's way of life" 2. "Ranching life on the high plains of Montana in pictures"
Search for and read Bloomberg's article "This Land is No Longer Your Land"


Dr. Michael Coffman
Taking Liberty Death By Wilderness
Note: Dr. Michael Coffman's web site sponsored by American Stewards was taken down upon his death. There is an effort to bring the TakingLiberty.us site back up.
Understanding Globalism - https://www.freedomadvocates.org/


Canada Forest Fire Perimiter
2023-06-07 CO2 COALITION - Canadian Fires
Global Bulk Atmosphere Temperature
Man made model does not work because it always has an AGENDA


EPA Black Boots

Environmental Protection Agency Must Be Dismantled


American Farming Decline
Credit to CFACT Report: "The EPA's Unrelenting Power Grab"
2012-06-22 UCLA Sued in Federal Court for wrongful termination re. diesel study

2011-11-16 The EPA's Unrelenting Power Grab (Thanks www.narlo.org)

2011-11-16 The Problem with Environmental Education Today -
Is the Tail Wagging the Dog
- Center for the Study of Monetary Systems & Free Enterprise Hillsdale College


U.S.A. Federal Cereal Agency Investigations


U.S. Federal Prosecutions by Agency
Environmental Policy Alliance - Learn Who is the Green Funding
Southeastern Legal Foundation's Litigation Against EPA Massive Takeover of Private Business & Private Property
The Government's Growing Police Force WSJ December 17 2011




The Nature Conservancy Land Taken USA

The Nature Conservancy - How Much Property Does It Take - Click on map see full page



The Nature Conservancy

Received $1.2 Million from your taxes on your property to steal your property, i.e. they have stolen your property twice. Click on picture above to go to this web site.

2021-01-10 Jack Letter to The Nature Conservancy 1-10-2021
2016-02-12 TNC Land Taking Upper Suiattle River Habitat
2012-10-17 Late Post - The Near To Death Experience - TNC & Goldman Sachs Connection
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2007-03-12 Inside the Nature Conservancy - Nonprofit Land Bank Amasses Billions - Charity Builds Assets on Corporate Partnerships
2010-09-07 Late Post 2008-5-20 The Nature Conservancy Takes Upper Suiattle River Habitat
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2011-06-10 The Nature Conservancy Scandals
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2007-05-21 To a fine young man with TNC
2007-05-24 TNC -- Invasive Species Threat in the forests - Disguised Precautionary Pr
2008-10-01 More Questions regarding TNC, US Army & Pinon Canyon CO
2010-11-04 Late Post - Plum Creek Timber (BN) Sells Out to TNC Tax Exempt Corp. and King County Muni Corp.
2011-01-14 Late Post USDOT & TNC Ageement Research Biodiveristy Conservation & Transportation Planning
Plum Creek timber Sells Out to TNC & King County


Conservation Easements - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Land Trust Growth
Easement Growth
Conservation Easements Are A Trap
2016-05-12 Conservation Easements are a Trap - Read the Fine Print
2016-02-12 Conservation Easements - Government Betrays Landowners With
2016-02-2 U.S. Set to Take Coloradans Land Without Compensation
2016-02-12 State Conservation Incentives
2016-02-12 Cooperative Conservation Beware of the Wolf in Green Sheef Clothing
2016-02-12 U.S. Set to Take Coloradans Land Without Compensation
2016-02-12 Green Governments Matrix of Taking Property By Other Names
2016-02-12 Senators seek faster investigation of easements
2013-08-14 Conservaton Easements And The Urge To Rule
2008-05 Conservation Easements: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Learn to fight back green takings here - https://americanstewards.us/




Natural Disasters


Eco-Tyranny: How the Left's Green Agenda Will Dismantle America (hardcover, 315 pages) by Brian Sussman is the book Barack Obama, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Greenpeace, and EarthFirst do not want you to read. 

As many have suspected, the whole "global warming" charade has much less to do with saving the planet than with profoundly changing America for the worse.  Author Brian Sussman documents how and why those steeped in radical-leftist contempt for traditional America are absolutely determined to reduce America to a shadow of its former greatness and power. 

Eco-Tyranny exposes the red roots of the green movement and conclusively illustrates how its deceptive branches have now extended into every of aspect of American life.  Did you know the United States is headed for a critical water shortage? Are you aware that the Obama administration is working in concert with eco-radicals to take over broad swaths of American ranchland and farmland and return it back to nature?

Learn the answer to these questions and many more in this hard-hitting book:

  • Why is the price of gasoline, electricity, and lumber so expensive? 
  • Do the environmentalists hate oil, or Big Oil?
  • What do the greens really dislike about nuclear power?
  • Why do ecologists want to tear down every dam in America?
  • Are National Parks and National Forests as really American as apple pie?
Eco-Tyranny is the most damning expose’ ever written about the environmental movement—a movement that is not about clean air, clean water, and healthy forests—it’s about hammering capitalism, destroying free enterprise, and stealing our liberty.

  • Hardcover: 315 pages
  • Publisher: WND Books (April 17, 2012)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1936488506
  • Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 6 x 1.4 inches
  • 2013-11-12 BOOK REVIEW ‘Eco-Fascists’ - Washington Times


    Wood Abundance



    Extremism - a tendency to go to extremes or an instance of going to extremes, especially in politics.

    The Random House Dictionary of the English Language

    2012-04-29 Carbon Credit Forestry - Vested Interests - the CO2_con - Green Agenda Unravels


    Environmental Extremism - Who They Are And How They Do It

    Cannon Wheel of Taking


    "Jack, just so you know, Bozeman, Montana is a hotbed of environmental activism, starting with Greater Yellowstone Coalition. There are possibly more of them in Bozeman than Missoula. The payroll for those groups has been over $1,000,000 per year. Another "great" one is the Alliance for the Wild Rockies."
    Jim K. - Ole Montana U.S. Forestry friend of Jack's


    2011 Incoming Email



    2010 Incoming & Outgoing Email

    2010-12-22 FAQ re_ the Myth - _How are we going to pay for everything
    we need in America_ - PART 2
    - Exchange between Jack and Director of
    Historic Preservation state of Washington that never was

    2010-8-31 24 Questions Why - To State of Washington DOE
    Changing Your Water Water- NO CONFIDENCE


    Please See Attachments Below, Especially First Four


    2004 Thru 2008 Incoming & Outgoing Email

    Late Post 2007-3-12 Nature Conservancy - the Fox in The House of Freedom

    2005-09-09 Kimmi Lewis's Presentation re. TNC AND Army Maneuvering
    To Take Ranches in Colorado (MUST SEE)


    Jack's Summary Comments regarding "Who They Are & How They Do it"

    Taking property is an age old game, not unlike Russian Roulette. Power centers create illusions of dominance over others taking over their traditions, lives, property and infrastructure, over time, by constantly threatening them
    with false flag events. Sometimes the shell revolves into the empty chamber.

    Global, national, state, county and city planners have been indoctrinated into taking your property and traditional way of life to build someone else's dream of your country and community. Think Stepford Town, USA. They are well
    organized, funded and very serious. Your way of life and your property (private & public) are COMMUNAL property in THEIR plans.

    The "Matrix" has shut down all your natural resources by peddling green myths such as ESA and EPA. The gangrene starts in the larger cities near you, then spreads out like cancer. Funding, litigation and illusion are the main
    tools of the trade and are ultimately supplied by your local AND state governments and their affiliated non government green groups. The non government groups may include your local power company, green building associations, green brokerages and anyone who touches property and receives
    benefits of these takings directly or indirectly, knowingly or not.

    By the time you may notice you have lost control of your family property or business and/or "the sustainable plan" is announced in your community, the fix is in. The town hall meetings are a charade. Their media has adequately
    staged the taking. It's all done for your safety and the plant's health, of course. Think global, take local.


    The Hegelian Dialectic

    The Hegelian Dialectic is a technique commonly used to bring about a desired result. It is a three step process as follows...

    *Thesis - A problem is intentionally created.
    *Antithesis - Opposition to the problem is created.
    *Synthesis - The desired result is brought in as a solution.

    An example of this was in Germany when Adolf Hitler wanted to pass 'anti-terrorist' legislation. Hitler wanted the power to detain people without question and hold them in custody without a court hearing.

    The people of Germany wanted no such thing. So Hitler had the
    Reichtag building burned to the ground. He then blamed terrorists for this terrible crime. The media portrayed the event as a danger to society and people's welfare.

    The people demanded something be done so Hitler introduced his new anti-terrorist legislation with the people's consent. I hope this method sounds familiar to you because it is used in all aspects and at all levels of society. Pay attention to the anti-terrorist legislation being passed due to terrorist incidents which are occuring today. The people who do not understand these things are simply being decieved and yet know it not.


    Delphi Technique


    Uploaded on Sep 14, 2011

    "This video shows the manipulation of the audience to gain public consensus for a regional transportation plan the metropolitan transportation commission was assembled by a number of radical environmentalist groups, social justice, social equity groups, in response to California's AB 32 and SB375. AB32 is currently held up in court, and was based on doctored data generated by a California Air Resources Board member, that falsely claimed to have a PhD. He was exposed, but the radically liberal and union owned democratic legislature decided to proceed with the legislation anyway that mis-informed california population voted for."


    Reasons Why Environmental Extremism Go Against The Highest Laws of The Land

    The highest charters of the land which HAVE NOT BEEN CORRUPTED are:
    1. The Declaration of Independence,
    2. The intent of the American Revolution to set the natural born free and
    3. The Laws of Nature and Nature's God (LONANG) 
    Freedom To Own Land With Allodial Rights



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