Freedom From Man Caused Global Warming Myths


Professor Emeritus Ian Plimer: “The hypothesis that human activity
can create global warming is extraordinary because it is contrary to
validated knowledge from solar physics, astronomy, history,
archeology and geology.”


Deaths From Climate 1920 - 2022
2023-05-01 Thinking Smartly About Climate Change - Hillsdale College Imprimis Bjorn Lomborg



Check Out The Truth at This Great Web Site


Global Temperature Variaton Holocene
Global Warming Cooling Last 10,000 Years
Sunspots vs. World Events
What The Heck Is Going On?
Do you see the correlation of the historical/hysterical world events and the number of sunspots?



2022-12-15 Arctic Summer Sea Ice Stopped Declining a Decade Ago – But Scientists Have Hidden It
2022-09-27 CO2 Has Almost No Effect on Global Temperature, Says Leading Climate Scientist
2010-05-25 Temperatures were warmer than today for most of th past 10,000 years


Weather Temperature 2000 Years History
Lord Monckton Climate Spedometer

Lord Monckton's global warming speedometer shows how badly model-based predictions made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have over-predicted global warming.


Stop Global Whining
Agenda 21 How to Stop It
2019-8-24 There is no Climate emergency european-petition
2018-11-09 The Global Warming Policy Forum - Common Sense on Climate Change
2017-01-28 Agenda 21 Special Report & How to Stop It by Tom DeWeese booklet
2017-01-28 The-Climate-Surprise-CO2C

2016-12-1 2010_Senate_Minority_Report -

More than 1000 international scientists dissent over man-made global warming claims. Scientists continue to debunk fading "Consensus" in 2008 & 2009 & 2010.

2016-11-23 Global Warming - an Inconvient Lie
2016-11-18 Time to Trump the Climate Hysteia and de-fang-paris
2016-10-29 The Battle for our grasslands and Livestock
2016-10-23 Climate of ignorance __ The Spectator Australia
2016-09-17 Call for a Plebicite in Australia on the Paris Climate Treaty
2017-01-28 no-time-for-resting Disarm & Defund the Green Globalists NOW
2016-09-16 Climate Religion Goes Viral
2016-09-06 Cease Tax Funded Climate Tourism
2016-08-31 Climate Science is NOT Settled
2016-08-03 142 Scientists Around the World Register They Find No Convincing Support of Man Caused Global Warming
2016-08-03 Clexit (Climate Exit) Creeps Closer
2016-06-28 After Brexit We Need Clexit
2016-06-24 Election Special - How to Vote for Carbon Sense
2016-06-24 Climate Global Change Fiction or Reality
2016-06-02 Falling Down The Energy Ladder (Great for kids)
2016-04-22 Climate Change: What Do Scientists Say? Youtube Must View 5 Minutes
Scientificd Consensus on global Warming by Joseph L. bast & James M. Taylor (Link only)
2015-12-16 Climate Change - No, It's Not a 97 Percent Consensus by Ian Tuttle - It's 1.0 Percent of those who expressed an opinion
It's the Sund Stubid
2016-01-04 cosmic cycles-control-climate by Viv Forbes - Australia, i.e. It's the Sun Stupid
Carbon Industries Provides Food
2015-11-20 party-in-paris by Viv Forbes - Australia

Climate Conference schism in the Roak

A few cracks have opened up in the road to Paris -

Read "Stealing from the Biosphere below

Dear Jack,

Our way of life faces a huge threat in the next couple of months. Totalitarians of all complexions are hoping to seize an opportunity in Paris to sneakily create the legal and political chains to turn the free democracies into a little soviet cogs in a suffocating UN-controlled world. They are using the climate scare as a cover story to justify rations and taxes on energy production and consumption. Naturally these burdens will fall heaviest on richer western democracies.

We have been opposing this scam for 8 years now. Below is an assessment of the current situation and a report on our activities.

You have helped us in the past, for which we are grateful. We hope you will again give us some help and encouragement to keep up this fight.

Viv Forbes
The Carbon Sense Coalition

2015-07-18 stealing-from-biosphere by Viv Forbes - Australia
Unholy Alliiance
2016-09-17 Call for a Plebicite in Australia on the Paris Climate Treaty
2016-04-22 On Earth Day we should Celebrate THE TRUE GREEN FUELS - Hydrocarbons and Nuclear
2016-04-12 Ripples and Tides
2016-02-27 Be Like a Beaver Build More Dams
2016-01-07 Paris Climate Party have another Party
2015-10-3 the great battle looming in paris
2015-08-24 farmer-fred by Viv Forbes - Australia
2015-07-18 stealing-from-biosphere by Viv Forbes - Australia
2014-06-27 MUST READ John O'Sullivan Fifty IPCC Experts Expose Washington Post Global Warming Lies Climate Realists
How The Global Warming Scare Began (Must View 36 Minutes to either confirm or deny what you think you know


Scientific Ignorance

All real scientists know we are ignorant of how nature works. The yelling and kvetching over melting icecaps is a case in point. The closer we look the dummer we find we are.

  • By Anonymous at 04/28/2011
2013-08-05 Sixteen Concerned Scientists No Need to Panic About Global Warming - WSJ_com


The Cold Truth On Polar Ice Caps - It's The Sun Stupid

Solar Changes
Arctic vs. Antarctic
2012-12-20 Solar Changes and the Climate
2012-12-20 Antarctica Gains Ice From The Bottom Up The Resilient Earth
2012-12-20 C3 Hysteria Greenland-Polar-Glaciers-Sea Ice
2012-12-14 Antarctic Sea Ice Sets Another Record - Forbes
2012-12-14 NASA - Study Finds Ancient Warming Greened Antarctica
2012-12-14 NASA - Is Antarctica Melting


"These scientists are saying that the new findings fundamentally change our understanding of ice sheets and their inclusion in new models is essential. Basically, this means all of the model predictions of how fast ice is melting and moving to the sea, in both Antarctica and Greenland, need to be revised. It turns out that all those model based predictions of an icy Armageddon, with glacial ice racing to the ocean at ever increasing rates, were not based on reality."


Holes Showing in the Ozone Hole Theories

Ozone Fudge: Two Ways of Looking At The Same Data

Dr. Baliunas pointed out in her testimony to Congress that the World Meteorological Organization version of therese ozone data (top chart a) leaves out the zero point of the scale, making small variations seem very large. The same data viewed on a scale from 0 to 350 (bottom chart b) shows the ozone fluctuations to be insignificant.

Source: from Dr. Sallie Baliunas' testimony to US Congress, Sept. 20 1995

2012-12-20 New Scientific Evidence Proves Ozone Depletion Theory False

"The scissors strategy works this way: 1) The Establishment's eco-militants generate panic (pressure from below) by warning about an impending "crisis" -- acid rain, ozone depletion, global warming, or threats from asbestos, PCBs, etc. -- which is either a complete fraud or a gross exaggeration; 2) the CFR media and CFR politicians (pressure from above) advocate "solutions" to the "crisis" that invariably involves the expansion of government (more taxes and regulation) and the diminution of personal rights and economic opportunity." The New American - Pressure From Above and Below

2012-12-23 Antarctic ozone hole closes early this year JunkScience_com
2012-12-21 The Pitfalls of the New Ozone Initiative
2012-12-21 Environment Ozone and Freon Fraud
2012-12-20 Solar Changes and the Climate

2012-12-20 The New American - Pressure From Above and Below - October 4, 1993

This article is adapted from Chapter 10 of the Holes in the Ozone Scare: The Scientific Evidence That the Sky Isn't Falling, published in June 1992 by 21st Century and now in its second printing.

2012-12-20 Breaking Obama asks EPA to withdraw proposed ozone rule JunkScience_com
2012-12-20 Climate Global Change - Fiction or Reality after 25 Years of Controversy
2012-12-20 Gaping_holes_open_up_in_the_ozone
2012-12-20 New Scientific Evidence Proves Ozone Depletion Theory False
2012-12-20 Ozone Depletion
2012-12-20 Ozone Hole Science Revisited - Hit & Run Reason_com
2012-12-20 Solar Activity A Dominant Factor in Climate Dynamics
2012-12-20 The Nonsense That is Ozone-Depletion by K Ring (2009)
2012-12-20 The Ozone-CFC Debacle Hasty Action, Shaky Science Heartland Institute
2012-12-20 Why the banning of Chlorofluorocarbons is paranoia



Solar Weather:

In the first half of Wednesday's show, Prof. Ramon E. Lopez talked about space weather, sun cycles and potential solar storms that could knock out the power grids, satellites, and communications. The solar magnetic field transfers the roiling energy of the sun into electrical energy, which heats the upper atmosphere of the sun, which then becomes so hot that it travels out into space as the solar wind, he explained. As the solar wind streams past the Earth's magnetic field, some of its energy is captured, and released as electric currents that flow down to the polar regions. If this current is strong enough then it will cause the upper atmosphere to light up in what we see as the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, he continued.

In the past few years, we've gained an increasing ability to predict space weather-- in fact there's a Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colorado, Lopez reported. Yet, satellite data currently only gives us a one-hour lead time on how activity from the sun may affect Earth, he noted. Super magnetic storms have been occurring on the sun throughout history, but it's only in recent times that they could have a significant impact on us by damaging our technology. He cited a solar event from 1859 in which the telegraph system was knocked out for a week. North America's power grid is particularly vulnerable to solar flare damage, he warned. Lopez's book Storms from the Sun is available as a free PDF download from the National



Atmospheric CO2 & Temperature Last 400,000 Years
Click on charts above to view report, "Comparison of Atmospheric Temperature With CO2 over Last 400,00 Years." Man Caused Global Warming is a Lie invented by the politicians, lawyers, central banks and benefiting non government groups for the gullible public to swallow thereby allowing themselves to be herded into the high density municipal monopoly monarchy madness and robbed blind.


Climate Chronology

2012 & 2013 Incoming

2013-10-27 Greening the Globe with Carbon Dioxide
2013-08-05 Sixteen Concerned Scientists No Need to Panic About Global Warming - WSJ_com
2013-04-22 Climate Change in Homemaker's Language
2013-04-11 Climate Policies to cause Blackouts_
2012-10-08 Feast or Famine_ Famines follow Global Cooling, Drought & Foolish Politicians
2012-06-11 Rebuttal offered in defense of Climate Physics Institute - Daily Inter Lake Opinion
2012-05-27 The Soda Water Scare & Green Energy - Both Collapsing
2012-05-26 Forbidden News on the Climate Debate
2012-04-14 NASA Scientists Dispute Climate Change - Business Insider
2012-03-30 Whole Earth Heated Up in Medieval Times without Human CO2 Emissions
2012-03-07 Climate, energy & sustainability


Polar Bears Melting

"I'm Melting I'm Melting I'm Melting"

"Polar bears belong to the genus and species Ursus maritimus, which means, “sea bear.” The term sea bear is appropriate because, as you now know, polar bears depend on the sea for much of their diet.

Besides weathering extreme temperatures on land, polar bears go extreme off land, too. In fact, many polar bears spend a great amount of time in the water and on ice floes. Not only have their coats and paws evolved to help make them good swimmers, their body shape has, too. A polar bear’s body is more elongated and streamlined for swimming – they’re missing the shoulder hump of the brown bear. And, its neck is longer, which helps keep the polar bear’s head above water. 

Polar bears can swim approximately four to six miles per hour and have been spotted far out to sea and as much as a few hundred miles from shore or even on ice flow."


Sun Earth Mag field

"Man caused" climate change is better stated as man created ignorance

2015-12-16 Climate Change - No, It's Not a 97 Percent Consensus by Ian Tuttle, i.e. it'a more like 1%


Sun Earth Mag Field

The sun is the center of our solar system and makes up 99.8% of the mass of the entire solar system. Does it influence our weather the most, no duh!

There has been more solar activity since 1940 than the previous 1150 years combined.

It's The Sun Stupid - The Sun Represents 99.86% of the Mass of Our Solar System
2011-08-14 New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmisms
2010-11-02 Its The Sun Stupid - Wake UP (Short Version)
2008-06-21 Its The Sun Stupid That Drives Our Climate NOT CO2


Solar Cycle

This is the bigger picture of the natural modulations of climate


Maunder Minimum in Sun Spot Activity

Click on the Chart To Link to Site


Scientist Its Not Possible

231-Page Report Now Available_- More Than 650 Scientists
Dissent Over Warming Claims


Global Temperature History Chart


Man Caused CO2 Contribution is ONLY 0.117% of all CO2 naturally produced


Greenhouse Gases Natural vs Man Caused
Man Made Carbon Dioxide = .117% of the NATURAL Greenhouse Gases


"Predictably, our elected leaders have been sounding the alarm on the melting of the world's ices. After all, scientists have come from all over the world to testify in front of their committees. The scientists leave armed with money. The politicians express with grace how pleased they are to help save the masses. University press offices and trade magazines like Science hawk the story. And the media have a field day. Very little is needed to dress up this girl in order to take her out".
Professor Patrick J. Michaels, "Meltdown".



Best sites debunking man caused global warming green myths
Apocalypse NO by Christopher Monckton (174 page PowerPoint 17MB pitch)
Climate Depot
Cocktail Conversation Guide to Global Warming
Friend of Science
Global Warming: A Closer Look at the Numbers
Science & Public Policy Institute
The Carbon Sense Coalition
The Manhatten Declaration on Climate Change
US Senate Minority Report 700 Plus Scientists Dissent


2011 Incoming

2011-12-09 Sen_ Inhofe & CFACT to UN climate conference _ Kyoto is dead!
2011-11-07 Climate change scientist faces lie detector test - Climate Change - Environment - The Independent
2011-08-14 New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming
2011-06-03 The Green Agenda
2011-05-25 Galileo Movement Fighting Global Warming Fraud -
action item
2011-04-24 UN Embarrassed by Forecast on Climate Refugees
2011-04-07 Lights on for 'Earth Hour
2011-01-31 Late Post Perry’s Petition and
Governors Associations  GlobalWarming_org
2011-01-14 The man who 'invented' Global Warming
2011-01- 02 EPA's Texas Power Grab - Dr Willie Soon


2010 Postings

2010-12-19 Time to Freeze Global Warming
2010-12-16 In the land of the morons
2010-12-12 Report 2 from Cancun Climate Change is About Redistributing Wealth
2010-12-12 Report 1 from Cancun
2010-12-12 Last Fling of the Thermophobics_
2010-12-12 Cows, Cars and the Ethanol Con
2010-12-12 Boycott the Cancun Climate Circus
2010-12-11 Sun surge Yet another apocalypic theory to worry about
2010-12-11 Final Report from Cancun
2010-12-06 Sun surges Yet another apocalyptic theory to worry about
2010-12-06 No Rerun for Kyoto Folly.
2010-11-23 Cows, Cars and the Ethanol Con
2010-11-11 Stop the Carbon Tax
2010-11-04 Late Post - Atmosphere cooler now than 8 years ago
2010-11-03 Late Post The Planned Recession Strategy
2010-11-03 Late Post Global Warming - Your Big Government at Work
2010-11-03 Late Post Climategate Spreading to NASA
2010-11-03 Late Post -World Leaders Back Delay To Final Climate Deal -
Global Warming Fraud
2010-11-03 Late Post - Media Missing the Plot on climate Gated - It's the Fraud Stupid
2010-11-03 Late Post - Lord Monckton's PowerPoint Pitch Apocalypse No
& Jim Beers The Descent Into Tyranny
2010-11-03 Late Post - ClimateGate - the final nail in the coffin of Anthropogenic
Global Warming
2010-11-03 Late Post - Climate Gate - Global Warming With The Lid Off
2010-11-02 Its The Sun Stupid - Wake UP
2010-11-02 How Junk Science & Mental Disorders Are Connected
2010-11-01 Coal OR Crops
2010-10-10 US Physics Professor- Global Warming is the Greatest
& Most Successful Pseudoscientific Fraud I have Seen
2010-10-27 God Did It By Roni
2010-10-27 Mathematical Deceptions
2010-10-27 Today is Climate Fools Day
2010-9-26 Late Post - WikiPedia caught in widening Global Warming &
Climate Change Scandal
2010-9-3 UN climate panel urged to reform, stick to science - Yahoo! News
2010-8-22 Climate Control is Futile_ Be Prepared or Be Sorry_
2010-8-22 A Price on Carbon, or just another TAX_
2010-8-13 Late Post Letter to Editor - carbon dioxide
2010-7-23 Washington State's Climate Exec Order Challenged
2010-07-11 Carbon Tax the next battle in the long war on Carbon
2010-07-10 Stop the War o Land Owners, Home Owners and Shareholders
2010-07-04 Carbon Taxes How Many is Enough
2010-06-27 Disgraced Fannie Mae Deep in Carbon Scheme
2010-06-22 After Copenhangen- Hands Off Human Footprint
2010-06-04 war-on-carbon
2010-6-4 Computer Models, Climate Forecasts & other Dice Games
2010-6-4 Stop this War on Carbon
2010-6-4 Warning The Carbon Cemeteries are already Full_
2010-6-7 Gambling Australia's Future on Sunbeams & Sea Breezes
2010-6-7 Grass is also Green
2010-6-7 Sunset for the Warming Industry
2010-6-7 Why Compromise on the ETS is Defeat
2010-05-22 Obama Czar Wants Mandatory Government Propaganda
On Political Websites
2010-05-21 Gates funds cloud whitening experiments Global Ban Demanded
_ ETC Group handsoffmotherearth_org
2010-05-21 Chemtrails and Monsanto's New Aluminum Resistance Gene -
Coincidence Farm Wars
2010-05-06 Shocking Proof… Global Warming is a Hoax
5-1-10 US City Considers Surrender to Green Police
5-1-10 The Great Global Warming Plunder (Must See Dr. Spencer On Coast To Coast)
4-30-10 Citizen’s Group Plans Extensive Audit of UN Climate Report
4-25-10 Posted Why climate models are wrong
2010-03-30 WikiPedia Caught in Widening Global Warming Climate Change Scandal
2010-03-30 New Climate Change Report Policy Driven Deception Must Read
2010-03-27 Oops Chief Climategate Investigator Fails to Declare
2010-03-26 Earth Hour or Blackout Night
2-10-10 Post 1-14-10 The Climate is Changing, so Keep the Heat on Politicians
2-10-10 Son of Climategate! Scientist says feds manipulated data
2-11-10 ETS Supporters Betray Australia
2-11-10 Post 1-2-10 Stop Carbon Bribery & Corruption
2-11-10 Post 12-27-09 Climate Crusaders Conned in Copenhagen
2-11-10 Post 7 31 09 Breaking News! WHAT MAKES CLIMATE CHANGE_
2-11-10 Technocarcy_ Global Endgame_
2-11-10 The Global Warming Sand castle is Washing Away
2-11-10 U.N.'s Global Warming Report Under Fresh Attack for Rainforest Claims
2-14-10 KRYON channels "global warming is not global warming at all (Must Read)
2-14-10 Fueling Future Famines
2-7-10 The Tide Turns on Emissions Trading
1-31-10 ADAPT OR DIE
1-29-10 The Global Warming Sand castle is Washing Away
1-28-10 UN's Global Warming Report Under Attack Again
1-23-10 Climate Wars - Time to go on the Offensive
1-22-10 NASA Weather Computer Data
1-20-10 UN Climate Chief Cashes in on Carbon
1-18-10 Wikipedia Caught Green Handed
1-18-10 Prehistoric snake discovery shows temperature 91F
1-17-10 Shocking Proof… Global Warming is a Hoax Personal Liberty Digest
1-17-10 Global Warming - Your Big Gvt at Work
1-17-10 Climategate Spreading to NASA
1-17-10 Climate change -The Planned Recession Strategy
2010-1-15 Late Post Time to Ditch the Emissions Trading Scheme
1-10-10 Post of 12-22-08 The Venus Syndrome (by Dr James Hanson + My Reply)
1-10-10 George Carlin and the planet
1-8-10 EPA Declares Mothers' Breath Toxic


2009 Postings

11-30-09 the Climate Science Isn't Settled
11-30-09 BREAKING V I D E O - Al Gore confronted on Climategate in Chicago
11-28-09 Conned by Tricksters
11-28-09 Cooking the Books on Climate
11-26-09 Climategate
11-25-09 Personal Liberty Allowance (Paul Jacob believes that we are not carbon
allowance ID numbers, we are free men)
11-25-09 - Climate Gate - Good Neighbor Law Comments
11-24-09 Media Missing the Plot on 'Climate Gate It's the Fraud Stupid
11-22-09 Global Warming - Man-made after All
11-21-09 World leaders back delay to final climate deal Global-Warming Fraud
11-15-09 More Carbon Sense for Copenhagen
11-7-09 How They Are Turning Off the Lights in America
11-8-09 Snouts in the Carbon Trough
10-13-09 Al Gore Black Boots Cut the Mic
10-8-09 Al Gore_ The un-credible man
10-4-09 Man-made Warming Myth Exposed
9-14-09 Climate Cools on Global Warming
9-6-09 Climate Control will fail Be Prepared and Adapt is the only option
9-07 Avery Global Warming
8-30-09 Time to Turn up the Heat on the Emissions Trading Bill
8-29-09 Concern on Carbon Costs of Camel Cull
8-18-09 Media ignore Gore financial ties to global warming scam
8-15-09 Green Power Consumers not Politicians should decide
8-06-09 The New British Empire Emerging
7 31 09Breaking News! WHAT MAKES CLIMATE CHANGE_
7 21 09 Great Lakes Water Levels Increasing
7 17 09 Climate Change - Is it weather or not !
7-15-09 O’ Reilly lies about global warming makes Glenn Beck look like a genius
7-5-09 Solar means Cost Blowouts & Power Blackouts for Consumers
6-26-09 Say No to Waxmen Markey Cap & Trade
6-13-09 The Climate Caper and the Rat Scheme
5-5-09 Quiet Sun Baffling Astronomers
4-29-09 British Scientist Monckton on global warming hoax
4-28-09 The missing sun spots_ Is this the big chill_
4-18-09 Cap-n-Tax - The Crusade without a Cause
1-26-09 Why bother with Wong Lite - Keep up the heat today
1-07-09 Atmosphere cooler now than eight years ago
1-07-09 'Global warming is natural, enjoy it' Declares Indian Geologist


2007 - 2008

Jack's Attempt To Educate Montana State University ("Turn about is fair play")


Montana State University - Predicting The Weather
MSU Collegian Global Warming Article
Montana State University - Predicting The Weather - Part 1
Montana State University - Predicting the weather & getting it right
by Brenda McDonald
Attachments included in above email
Analysis Finds Hundreds of Scientists Have Published Evidence Countering Man Made Global Warming Fears
Global Warming Expert Al Gore Interviewed By National Geo
The Impact of Global Warming on the Chesapeake Bay
Newsmax Reports On Gore's Convenient Lie
Inconvenient Truths
Whose Ox is Gore..d
Don't Tell Al Gore
Climate McCarthyism and eco-Inquistions
The Seattle Times Global Warming Article 10_9_05
More on Global Warming
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science
Competitive Enterprise Institute Expert
Global Warming Information Center
Global Warming; Crackerjack Science
Brown Geology Team Find Steady Pattern of Cooling -
One Degree C Per Million Years
Chris Zaharias
King County Washington Council Meeting in Shoreline Addendum
Global Warming Expert Al Gore Interviewed By National Geo
Climate chaos_ Don't believe it
Which has the greater power Mother Nature or Man
Warm and Fuzzy Every 1500 Years
There are very few professionals left truly working
for the advancement of science
We are all skeptics now_
Global Warming Is A Lie
Union of Concerned Scientists is Out of Date
Pacific Legal Foundation Urges Dismissal of Global Warming Lawsuit
Against Automakers
Global Warming A Hoax
Global Warming_ The Cold, Hard Facts
Is Global Warming Real
Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says
Green Myth On Global Warming
Still Cool to All the Warming Warnings
Global Warming - Educate Yourself
Scores Of Top Scientists Expose The Global Warming Myth
Global Warming Debunked
The Great Global Warming Swindle
Mudrock isn't warming up to Al Gore's global hysteria
Bridging Over Global Warming
Global Warming Farce vs. Media Bias
Global Warming Studies, MAI = Made-As-Instructed
Global Warming
A Convenient Lie
Confirmation, Once Again, of What Europe is Doing Globally to
Undermine US
Carbon Dioxide Caused By Humans is .00117 of Total




2003 - KYOTO DEBUNKED - Redux.htm
2008 Records for Cold and Snowfall.htm
2008 Was The Year Man-Made Global Warming Was Disproved.htm
2008 will be coolest year of the decade.pdf
231-Page Report - More Than 650 Scientists Dissent Over Warming Claims.htm
25 Inconvenient Gorey Truths for Al Gore.pdf
9-07 Avery Global Warming.pdf
A Complete list of things caused by global warming + Chilled By The Heat.htm
A Convenient Lie.pdf
A possible cure for global warming.htm
A Report from the Global Warming Battlefield.htm
Arctic Abundance.htm
Alien Matrix.pdf
Hundreds of Scientists Have Published Evidence Countering Man Made Global Warming Fears.htm
And The Cost Is - Off The Scale.htm
Announcement Dr. Willie Soon-Good Neighbor Forum-Polar Bears & USA Today.htm
Announcing Dr. Willie Soon on Good Neighbor Law web site!.htm
Anthropogenic Global Warming Back to Basics.pdf
Apocalypse NO! Why 'global warming' is not a global crisis.htm
Atmosphere Cooler Now Than Eight Years Ago.pdf
Be wary of climate policy development.htm
Bills re. Global warming, peak oil, alt energy, greenhouse gas,etc (111 Congress).htm
Breaking News Global Warming 101- Al Gore's CO2 Theory.htm
Breaking News New Scientific Studies Chill Global Warming Fears.htm
Bridging Over Global Warming.htm
British Documentary - The Great Global Warming Swindle.pdf
Brown Geology Team Find Steady Pattern of Cooling - One Degree
CAPR vs RonSims.pdf
Carbon Dioxide - Love It - It Keeps You Alive.pdf
Carbon Dioxide Caused By Humans is .00117 Of Total Green Gases
Chilled By The Heat.htm
Christopher Horner Competitive Enterprise Institute Debates Global Warming.htm
Chris Zaharias.htm
Climate Alarmist Agenda Steam rolling Ahead.htm
Climate Catastrophe by Dr. Fox.pdf
Climate Catastrophe for Washington.pdf
Climate Change - Important Updates.htm
Climate Change Drivers.pdf
Climate chaos_ Don't believe it.htm
Climate Debate Brakethrough.xps
Climate McCarthyism and eco-Inquistions.pdf
Climate Science 122- The Ranks of the Insane.htm
CO2 management.htm
Competitive Enterprise Institute Expert.htm
Confirmation, Once Again, of What Europe is Doing Globally to Undermine US.htm
Copy of Warm Scare Watch.pdf
Cosmic Rays and Climate Blame The Sun.pdf
Dear Ms Doughton.htm
Death By Extremes.pdf
Debunking today's headlines about Antarctic ice shelves_.htm
Did You Know That Senator Cantwell.pdf
Don't Tell Al Gore.pdf
Dr. Willie Soon Presentation To Good Neighbor Law Forum with Jack's Commetary.pdf
Dr. Willie Soon on the Glenn Beck Show.htm
Emailing global warming activists fret why.htm
Email To Linda Moulton Howe Interview Coast To Coast AM.pdf
Environmental and Other Important News.htm
Environmental Fraud.pdf
Eye Of The Hurricane.htm
Fictitious Greenhouse Forcing Effect of CARBON DIOXIDE.htm
Global Cooling - Alaskan Glaciers Grow For First Time in 250 Years.pdf
Global Cooling is Here Earth to Plunge into Another Little Ice Age.pdf
Global Warming - A Chilling Perspective.pdf
Global Warming - Educate Yourself.htm
Global Warming A Hoax.htm
Global Warming and Nature's Thermostat.htm
Global Warming - Cardinal George Pell - Archbishop of Sydney.htm
Global Warming Debunked.htm
Global Warming Expert Al Gore Interviewed By National Geo.pdf
Global Warming Faces a Cold Shower in New York_.htm
Global Warming Farce vs Media Bias.htm
Global Warming Has Ended.pdf
Global Warming Information Center.htm
Global Warming is a lie...Global Cooling Linked To Reduced Solar
Global Warming Is A Lie.pdf
Global Warming is a Mass Neurosis.htm
Global warming is natural, enjoy it Declares Indian Geologist.htm
Global Warming Profiteers Are Wrong.pdf
Global Warming Studies, MAI = Made-As-Instructe.htm
Global Warming.htm
Global Warming; Crackerjack Science.htm
Global Warming_ The Cold, Hard Facts.htm
Gore Admits 'I've failed badly' - Global Sea Ice GROWS!.htm
Grassfire org Climate Alarmism Background Updated 6 11 08.htm
Green Facts vs. Fiction.pdf
Green Myth On Global Warming.pdf
Guest Editorital.pdf
Hanson to Congress.pdf
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 - but Almost NO Sunspots.htm
Hot Air in Bali.htm
Human Sacrifice On The Altar of Gaia.pdf
Ice Age Now.pdf
Ice Is Back.pdf
Inconvenient Truths.pdf
Indonesia’s Climate Follows the Sun.htm
Irish film debunks global warming.htm
Is Global Warming Real.pdf
Is The Arctic Ice Breaking Up.htm
Is Tomorrow's Energy Right In Front of Us.pdf
Its The Sun Stupid That Drives Our Climate Not CO2.pdf
John, you are being had.htm
King County Councilman Ferguson - Another Idiot Thinks He Can Control Weather By Taking Property.pdf
King County Washington Council Meeting in Shoreline Addendum.htm
Linda Moulton Howe Interview on Coast to coast AM.pdf
Magma may be melting Greenland Ice.htm
Man Caused Global Warming - It's Not Only A Scam.pdf
Man Caused Global Warming.pdf
Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says.htm
Mary Debunks Al Gore.pdf
Montana State University - Predicting The Weather.pdf
More CO2 management.htm
More on Global Warming.htm
More Proof Its The Sun Stupid.pdf
MSU Collegian Global Warming Article.htm
Mudrock isn't warming up to Al Gore's global hystreria.htm
Myth Global Warming is Unprecedented.pdf
NASA Photos & Charts - Its The Sun Stupid.pdf
New Data Shows Gore Is Wrong, Hillary Nails Obama.htm
New Jungles Prompt a Debate on Rain Forests - NYTimes_com.htm
Newsmax Reports On Gore's Convenient Lie.pdf
Not By Fire But By Ice.pdf
Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine.htm
Over 650 Scientists Challenge Global Warming Consensus.pdf
Patrick Michaels on An Inconvenient Truty.pdf
Peer reviewed publications now exist that contradict standard model of CO2.htm
PLF Urges Dismissal of Global Warming Lawsuit Against Automakers.htm
Record year for mountain snowfall.htm
Ron Ewart - Guest Editorial 12-21-05.htm
Scientific Errors in Gore's Climate Movie.pdf
Scientists Warn of 2 more gases linked to climate.pdf
Scores Of Top Scientists Expose The Global Warming Myth.pdf
Seattle Gangrene Extreme Grist.pdf
Security specialist = Global weather expert_ Yeah Right!.htm
Senator Murray Seduced By Green Gangrene.pdf
Simple arithmetic doesn't add up to claims of global warming___.htm
Skeptical Scientists Urge World To Do Nothing' At UN Conference.htm
Sorry to ruin the fun, but an ice age cometh.htm
So it appears that Arctic ice isn't vanishing after all.htm
Still Cool to All the Warming Warnings.htm
Stop The Man-Caused Global Warming Legislative Madness Now!.htm
Solar Cycles.htm
Solar Storm in 2012 Could Shut Down US.htm
Target CO2 Paper and Switzerland Letter.htm
The Amazing Story Behind The Global Warming Scam - by John Coleman.htm
The Roadless Rule & Global Warming - What You Should Really Know Forest & Fire Sciences.htm
The Environmental Farce.pdf
The Great Global Warming Swindle.htm
The Impact of Global Warming on the Chesapeake Bay.pdf
The Inconstant Sun.pdf
The Liberal Wikipedia.pdf
The Nature Conservancy Is Striking Again.pdf
The Near Death Experience.pdf
The Politics of Global Warming.pdf
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science.htm
The Real Cause of Global Warming.pdf
The Seattle Times Global Warming Article 10_9_05.htm
The Truth about global warming.pdf
The Waratah Coal Project.htm
The Venus Syndrome (by Dr James Hanson + My Reply).htm
There are very few professionals left truly working for the advancement of science.htm
UN Blowback More Than 650 Scientists Dissent Over Warming Claims.htm
UN Data shows Warming has Stopped - Climate Fears Called Hogwash.htm
Union of Concerned Scientists is Out of Date.htm
Viera Texas Law.pdf
Viscount Monckton - American Physical Society's Forum on Physics and Society.htm
Viv Forbes Carbon Sense Coalition.htm
Volcanic Activity under Arctic Ocean Had Increased Just Before Ice Melted.htm
Volcanoes blamed for mass extinction.htm
Warm and Fuzzy Every 1500 Years.htm
We are all skeptics now_.htm
We face extraordinary economic risks because our planet is cooling - Part 6.htm
We face extraordinary economic risks because the Planet is Now Cooling - Part 4.htm
We face extraordinary economic risks created by government - Australia - Part 1.htm
We face extraordinary economic risks created by government - Is NZ Next- Part2.htm
We face extraordinary economic risks created by government - Part 3.htm
We face extraordinary economic risks immediately ahead - Part 5.htm
Well now, here is something really inconvenient.htm
Which has the greater power,Mother Nature or Man.htm
Whose Ox is Gore..d.pdf
Wilkins Climate Change Programs May08.pdf



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