$4 million roundabout for humans STOPPED

SR 169 & SE 416th Street Enumclaw, Washington


Roundabouts For Humans


$ 1 million Roundabout For Fish who were having NO problems

Now local rural property owners have a big problem

416th & 244th Ave SE, Enumclaw, Washington

How to handle predetermined consensus meetings



Roundabouts For Fish

2010-12-12 Longing for a return to 1850's salmon populations makes about as sense as longing for
a return of the Gold Rush (No Background)
2010-05-28 Post 2007-06-26 King County Road Closures for Fish and Habitat Culvert Replacements
Environmental Rip Off of Rural Landowners
Federal Court Decision on culverts
Fish and habitat Concrete Culvert Whether You Need them or Not Only $500K
Government roundabouts - the Symptoms, Problems & Solutions to The Greater Issues
How Government Is Using Roundabouts To Run Us Around Our Property Rights
How Rural Takings Connect to the Body of Takings of Private Property
More of the Same Nonsense -
King County Road & Water Closures for Fish and Habitat Culvert Replacements
The Saga Continues - Gvt. roundabouts For Fish at $500K AVG
WA State F&W & DOE Contact
WA State Culvert Ruling (overview)





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