Primary & Atmospheric Water Cycles

It's actually not gravity that makes water flow down - it's simply meeting that water's pressure condition.

Link above graphic to read this revolutionary take on water, i.e. it is continously created


There is a big movement to turn your water into the new gold. Nestle and Haliburton corporations leading the pac. Forcing people into "Smart Cities" for over control of resources and Citizens life and death. Bless your life and your water to a higher consciousness than the dark side purposes.


Please let this serve as confirmation that the Colorado Ground Water Commission has been emailed 2 letters of objection to well permit application 115925-RFP,  from Charles W. Sylvester and Ronita M. Sylvester, and before the Commission's deadline of December 18, 2020. 
Letters also mailed USPS. 
Thank you, 
Roni Sylvester


Many applications for water appropriations are being filed. 
We're sharing this as an example of an objection we filed today, due to a deadline of December 18, 2020.  Check your local papers to see application notices, then please consider filing your objection.  Somewhere in time, an unnatural separation of surface and tributary Water has evolved. Since, State has not administered Water in Prior Appropriation. Not only does this violate Colorado Water law, it exasperates the Water wreck and is causing significant injury to many Valid, Vested, Senior, Pre-existing Water Rights Owners!  Providing your real injury story is important. 

Thank you, 
Roni Sylvester


I'm saying the 18 feet they raised the water table was the 17" on the first floor of our home. 
All over our state they're filing applications for appropriation...even though the state's fully appropriated.  There's more. Statewide, they sent out approx. 4700 notices of Water Rights abandonment, which is an every 10 year deal. But. Here's the kicker. The forms are deliberately misleading. Folks that are not as informed as I will unwittingly give away their rights. 
Anyway. Water corruption is the biggest happening in the U.S., and no one except the thieves are paying attention. China said (paraphrased), "to own the water you own the world." 

Roni Sylvester



Federal Land 1850 vs. Now
Federal Fault Land

2016-11-13 BIA Reserved Treaty Rights Lands Taking Plan 2015

“Beginning in FY 2015, Fuels Management Funding has been appropriated for the purpose of treating and restoring tribal landscapes within and adjacent to reserved treaty right lands. As stated in the Fiscal Year 2015 Wildland Fire Management Budget Justification, treaties with Native American tribes establish a unique set of rights, benefits, and conditions for Tribes. Like other treaty obligations of the United States, Indian treaties are considered to be “the supreme law of the land,” and are the foundation upon which Federal Indian law and Federal Indian trust relationship are based.”
1.    …within and adjacent to”
2.    "This is a total fiction. Treaties with Indian tribes are actually agreements, or compacts, and not the same as treaties with foreign nations or countries. This garbage (color of law) statement makes it sound like these treaties supersede the U.S. constitution!" Laura Lee O'Neil


Section 1 - How Montana Private & Public Property is Being Taken

Indian Tribal Transactions
Follow the money above to American Indian Owned bsiness and Tribal Government and you find who is keeping the tribal welfare state alive through compulsory tax taking, compulsory regulations, compulsory usury and debt which is the destruction of a free republic and the growth of the cabal.


John Stossel Tells it Like it is.
How the Government Turns American Indians into Freeloaders
5 Ways The Government Keeps Native Americans In Poverty


CSKT Anatomy Organization Chart of Taking
CSKT Anatomy Page 2


Block 1 - Re. Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Water Compact

Regarding the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Water Compact,

1. The one side doing the taking/giving of our state water rights wants everyone to believe they must secure a contract with the tribes or they will loose their water rights in federal court.

2. The other side being taken believes, if they sign this compact, everything will be taken.

3. These takings include in part, the water users rights to manage their irrigation water, off reservation in-steam flow rights, potential gross mismanagement of additional funding to the tribes who have no proven track record or skills to manage Kerr Dam, loss of irrigation water, loss of 200 mile circumscribing national forests given to the tribe by the federal government in a series of state and federal bills, e.g. S. 2012.

4. The water and land taking is seen by many as cloaked in an UN Agenda 21, Sustainable Development recipe in work with lots of help from the benefiting federal cereal agencies, benefiting non profit organizations and the tribes using out of state money. It is a "sweet" deal for the feds and the globalist and a sour deal for Montanan's.

5. The only "government" in America allowed to give monies to another government is the tribal governments. How convenient is that?

6. American Indian tribes living on public grant land reservations and receiving federal subsidizes should be barred from donating campaign contributions to any public official.

7. The federal subsidizing of 567 American "recognized tribes" and the consideration of some 400 more in line for these handouts needs to be stopped. This is an insane policy that clearly does not work and is destroying the surrounding private property owners and businesses near the reservations. This is generational tribal welfare and special treatment for a group of people that should have assimilated long ago. The reservations were only meant for temporary holding areas until the tribes learned to adapt and become independent. Chief Joseph was right on when he spoke;
"Treat all men alike.
Give them the same laws.

FreedomForAllSeasons Opinion

News Just In On Tribal Takings
2022-11-19 Water Compact Objection Process PLAINS Oct 15 2022 PowerPoint - Very large file 10 MB will download into your Download folder and may need to be opened.
2019-11-26 Too Much Power in the Hands of a Few
2017-11-26 The Perfect Storm - Discussion of CSKT Water Compact (YouTube 38 min.)
2017-03-05 Jack Letter Updated to Montana House & Senate Judiciary Committee

2014 Federal Indian Policy Reference Handbook - How Did We Get There -


Block 2 - Legislative Corruption Which Must Be Stopped


How Bills are Easily Corrupted Before the Vote is Taken
1. Bills are being passed without vetting against their own state constitution and the U.S. constitution. All bills need to tested to constitutional muster BEFORE they pass. And this must be done by independent constitutional private attorneys from both sides NOT by any government employee most especially including the AG. Two independent attorneys from both sides of the bill must agree before that the bill passes constitutional muster and before the bill may be passed, i.e. no agreement, no bill!
2. Bills are being buried, bundled and stacked to obfuscate the takings. All bills need to be kept separate and distinct and tracked and transparent for public clarity and oversight.
3. Bills are not being fully read by those vetting on them and even then, legislators are not doing their homework to understand the full downstream impact of the takings.
4. There is no full disclosure to the communities impacted regarding the agenda of the bills. Pro and Con statements should be written by both sides with written rebuttal like state initiatives and made available to all impacted as well as posted on the web .
5. All state district and U.S. senators and representatives should vet each bill with their local communities before voting and passing and bills of the serious and controversial nature as the CSKT Water Compact taking should go thru an "initiative like process" where the pros and cons and rebuttals are clearly written out and made publicly available for local Citizens to understand and vote and/or get back to their local representative and senator.
6. Tribal reservations must not be allowed to make political contributions to any government. They are the only quasi "government" which is allowed to do so. Municipal governments cannot give funding to other governments and they are a much higher form of government than tribal reservations.7
7. To restate the above, state legislatures and the U.S. Congress are hiding and denying public information on bills to obfuscate the takings. All bills found using any of this treachery should be thrown out and those involved prosecuted to the fullest extent. We are long overdue to bring America back to a true and honest free Republic.

8. Want to learn more regarding how law is corrupted?

Link to this research -

What is MALFEASANCE? - Black's Law Dictionary

The wrongful or unjust doing of some act which the doer has no right to perform, or which he has stipulated by contract not to do. It differs from "misfeasance" and "nonfeasance," (which titles see.) See 1 Chit. Pr. 9; 1 Chit. PI. 134; Dudley v. Flemingsburg, 115 Ky. 5, 72 S. W. 327, 00 L. R. A. 575, 103 Am. St. Rep. 253; Coite v. Lynes, 33 Conn. 115; Bell v. Josse- lyn, 3 Gray (Mass.) 311, 63 Am. Dec. 741.

What is COLLUSION? - Black's Law Dictionary

A deceitful agreement or compact between two or more persons, for the one party to bring an action against the other for some evil purpose, as to defraud a third party of his right Cowell. A secret arrangement between two or more persons, whose interests are apparently conflicting, to make use of the forms and proceedings of law in order to defraud a third person, or to obtain that which justice would not give them, by deceiving a court or it officers. Baldwin v. New York, 45 Barb. (N. Y.) 359; Belt v. Blackburn, 28 Md. 235; Railroad Co. v. Gay. 8G Tex. 571, 26 S. W. 599, 25 L. R. A. 52; Balch v. Beach, 119 Wis. 77, 95 N. W. 132. In divorce proceedings, collusion is an agreement between husband and wife that one of them shall commit, or appear to have committed, or be represented in court as having committed, acts constituting a cause of divorce, for the purpose of enabling the other to obtain a divorce. Civil Code Cal


Block 3 - S.2012 The North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act

Call the following officials and tell them to stop this bill and hold it for EIS and public comments and subcommittee hearing(s):

1. Sen. Steve Daines, MT: 202-224-2651, Fax 202-224-9412, email
2. Rep. Ryan Zinke, MT: 202-225-3211, Fax 202-225-5687, Email
3. Rep. Rob Bishop, UT & Chair, House Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs
3. Rep. Don Young, AL & Chair, House Natural Resources Committee
4. Rep. Rep. John Fleming, LA & Chair, House Subcommittee on Water, Power and Oceans
5. Rep. Mike Conaway, TX & Chair, House Committee on Agriculture
6. Rep. Glenn Thompson, PA & Chair, House Subcommittee on conservation and Forestry
7. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, AL & Chair, Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources
8. Sen. John Barrasso, WY & Chair, Senate Subcommittee on Public Lands, Forests, and Mining
9. Sen. Mike Lee, UT & Chair, Senate Subcommittee on Water and Power
10. Sen. Pat Roberts, KS & chair, Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry
11. Sen. David Perdue, GA & Chair, Senate Subcommittee on Conservation, Forestry and Natural Resources


Larry Kogan's business web site -
Larry Kogan's research web site -

Link here to see vote on S.262 - to take water rights of 97% of the Citizens in Montana. April 2015

Montana Senate = 32 Yeas and 18 Nays

Montana House = 53 Yeas and 47 Nays

Governor Bullock = Yea

Attorney Tim Fox (Adopted Crow Tribal Member) = Yea

Presentation by Author Elaine Willman and Lawrence Kogan, Esq. on October 14, 2016 in Kalispell, Montana.
A massive 792 page bill (S.2012 The North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act) will likely have devastating impacts on our rural land, property and water rights throughout the USA, and on families and communities whose lives will be upended. This bill began behind closed doors with no opportunity for meaningful examination or comment.  The tribal forestry management provisions could diminish property owners' constitutional rights.
Learn more at


Block 4 - Tribal Minority Controlling State Majority with Fed Subsidies
NW States Indian Reservation Population
Section 1 gives an overview regarding how Montana Governor, AG, a narrow majority of Montana Representatives and Senators have given away up to some 2/3 of the state of Montana water rights to one American Indian tribe. The Confederation of Salish and Kootenai Tribe (CSKT) have approximately 7,753 enrolled tribal members where about 5,000 live on or near the reservation which represents only 0.78% of the state population (7753/1,032,949 x 100%) because some state politicians( believe they would lose in federal court trying to defend these water right takings.
Link here to see Montana vote on S.262 - 53 Yeas 47 Nays to take the water rights of 97% of the Citizens in Montana.


Block 5 - Taking Liberty & Where Did the States Go - The Set Up

Dr. Michael Coffman's web site has been taken down after his death a year or two ago.

His web site exposed the agenda of the federal government with very serious non government benefiting groups heavily involved in rolling up American private and public property complete with the natural resources.

Please link below to the Range Magazine to an article by Michael S. Coffman, PhD outlining how private property in America is being abolished.

The Strategy of Taking Property Rights

2016-02-16 Where Did the States Go by Jim Beers -

Read this report next to see another piece of the global to local agenda shackling the states and state Citizens with 50 pieces of federal environmental bills over 8 years from 1969 to 1976. That equates to 6.25 bills per year. Remember Washington DeCeit Inc. has no constitutional authority or jurisdiction over the states as much as they and even the states what to pretend. It's all about money and power ignoring settled fundamental and founding laws and actions of America clearing giving the natural born Citizens first priority in sovereignty.

"Where Did The States Go", and the answer is to the federal government in some 52 Acts Taking Down Individual and State Sovereignty, see below.

  1. Endangered Species Conservation Act in 1969,
  2. Clean Air Act in 1970,
  3. Water Bank Act in 1970,
  4. Founding of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1970,
  5. Migratory Bird Treaty with Japan in 1974 (expanded the # of species under federal jurisdiction),
  6. Clean Water Restoration Act of 1966 (expansion) in 1972,
  7. Federal Noxious Weed Act in 1974,
  8. Act for the Preservation of American Antiquities in 1976,
  9. Airborne Hunting Act in 1976,
  10. Animal Welfare Act in 1976,
  11. Multiple Use Act (expansion of the 1964 Act) in 1976,
  12. Migratory Bird Treaty Act with the Soviet Union in 1976 (expanded the # of species under federal jurisdiction),
  13. Coastal Zone Management Act in 1976,
  14. Endangered Species Act (replaced Nixon’s 1969 Act) in 1976,
  15. Estuarine Areas Act in 1976,
  16. Fish and Wildlife Act of 1956 (expansion) in 1976,
  17. Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act in 1976,
  18. Fishery Conservation and Management Act in 1976,
  19. Forest Reserve Act of 1891 – Repealed in 1976,
  20. Forest Service Organic Administration Act of 1897 – Revamped in 1976,
  21. Fur Seal Act in 1976,
  22. Lacey Act (expansions) in 1976,
  23. Land and Water Conservation Fund in 1976,
  24. Marine Mammal Protection Act in 1976,
  25. Migratory Bird Conservation Act in 1976, - Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp Act amendments in 1976,
  26. Mineral Leasing Act in 1976,
  27. Mineral Leasing Act for Acquired Lands in 1976,
  28. Multiple Use-Sustained Yield Act of 1960 (amended and constrained) in 1976,
  29. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) in 1976,
  30. National Forest Management Act in 1976,
  31. National Park Service Act in 1976
  32. National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act in 1976, - (FYI, 1976 is NOT stuck in my computer!)
  33. North Pacific Halibut Act in 1976,
  34. Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act of 1953 (expansion) signed in 1976,
  35. Plant Pest Act in 1976,
  36. Plant Quarantine Act in 1976,
  37. Public Health Service Act in 1976,
  38. Refuge recreation Act in 1976’
  39. Resource Conservation and Recovery Act in 1976,
  40. River and Harbor Act of 1899 (expansion) in 1976,
  41. Sikes Act Extension in 1976,
  42. Sockeye Salmon or Pink Salmon Fishing Act in 1976,
  43. Submerged Lands Act in 1976,
  44. Taylor Grazing Act (restrictions) in 1976,
  45. Toxic Substances Control Act in 1976,
  46. Tuna Convention Act of 1950 (destroyed tuna businesses) in 1976,
  47. Water Bank Act of 1970 (expansion) in 1976,
  48. Whaling Convention Act of 1949 (restrictions destroyed US whaling) in 1976,
  49. Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act in 1976,  
  50. Wilderness Act of 1964 (expanded and strengthened) in 1976
2016-09-30 Feds asking public to weigh in on breaching Snake River dams
2016-05-30 Clean Water Restoration Act Nuances (Interesting Little Jewel for Ric & Jack)


Block 6 - Federal Taking of State Land

The federal government pretend they own 27.4% of all the states land. After the territories became states, all federal land was required to be transferred to the states by the U.S. Constitution.

Now we have the states collaborating with the feds via the "federal" reservations which are really state public lands occupied and owned with threaded title to 80% American non Indians and 20% American Indians. To make this even more absurd, the remaining minority of tribal members buy off the local politicians using federal subsidized tax taking AND revenue from 1988 Indian Regulatory Gaming Act. . Link here.

Kicking the Feds Out of the States the Kris Anne Hall Show


Block 7 - Tribal Expansion is Dismantling USA
Going to Pieces book by Elaine WillmanSlumbering Thunder by Elaine Willman
Elaine Willman

2016-08-25 Elaine Willman Overviews The Relevant Law History of
Confederation of Salish & Kootenai Tribes Water (CSKT) Compact -

Must read above - Elaine's comments to understand how the federal agencies are gaming the laws to roll up our property and water rights.

Then order and read Elaine's two books:

1. "Going to Pieces - The Dismantling of the United States of America" and 2. "Slumbering Thunder"

to fully understand how the feds are using the tribes and reservations to roll up our private property and water rights.

"Tribalism expansion is now claiming vast water, lands, and natural resources undermining the tax base of urban and rural communities through the proliferation of congressionally protected, tax-free tribal casinos and other tribal enterprises." Elaine Willman, Going to pieces", back cover quote.
"..aboriginal rights and the time immemorial are political propaganda by which the current administration is working to put legal authorization under them. Anything pre-constitutional or extra-constitutional is UN-constitutional or we have no Constitution. The spread of tribalism of 567 tribes with 400 more waiting for recognition will soon overwhelm the sovereignty of the states." Read the rest of Elaine Willman's great insight here.


Block 8 - The Feds are Using the Tribes to Take Water and Timber
"Aboriginal rights & land cannot coexist with U.S. Constitution" L. Kogan
THE FEDERAL TAKING OF OUR LANDS - - web site author is Kirk McKenzie
The map above shows the 7 Indian Reservations (black shapes) in Montana managed by the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), U.S. Dept. of Interior. The red circles around the reservations depict the extended forest takings with 100 mile radius from center of reservations.

2016-08-31 The Federal Conquest of Montana S3014 Flyer by

The map in this report (see above) shows the overlays of federal departments swallowing up Montana including the U.S. BIA tribal forest taking now with 200 mile radius impact on private & state property. And this is in addition to taking so called "aboriginal" water rights west and east of the Continental Divide or some 2/3 of Montana, see charts below. Tribalism has become the new state sponsored religion.

Hellgate Treaty - This treaty conveys only fishing rights to the tribes NOT water rights, read it for yourself.

Water Rights in Montana April 2014 76 Page Document

Montana waters, in all their varied forms and locations, belong to the state. This ownership, however, exists on behalf of all state citizens.

The Montana Constitution explains that: [a]ll surface, underground, flood, and atmospheric waters within
the boundaries of the state are the property of the state for the use of its people
 (Article IX, section 3(3)) (emphasis added).

Because Montana waters belong to the state, water rights holders do not own the water itself. Instead, they possess a right to use the water, within state guidelines. Accordingly, Montana law notes:
[a] “water right” means the right to use water . . . (section 85-2-422, MCA) (emphasis added).


Block 9 - Taking Montana with 8 Bills
Montana Vulture Taking Water By Deception
Bill of Attainer

Bill of Attainder - "Legislative acts, no matter what their form, that apply either to named individuals or to easily ascertainable members of a group in such a way as to inflict punishment on them without a judicial trial"

Black's Law Dictionary, fifth Edition

2017-02-02 Rejection of Ryan Zinke Nominee for Secretary of Interior
2016-09-15 Energy Bills Hidden Tribal Forestry Management Provisions Undermines Americans (2)


Block 10 - Cases and Concerns Against the CSKT Tribal Takings
CSKT = Confederation of Salish and Kootenai Tribes
Western Montana Water Rights - Link Below to full story
2016-10-24 What Representation in Montana - A Corrupted Bill Passage Process - No Voter Input
2016-09-17 Escalation of Federal & Tribal Governance Rolling Out by New American
2016-09-16 The Daines' Bill Shell Game by

Warpath: Obama’s Indian Policy Threatens All Americans, Both Tribal and Non-tribal Citizens by New American Magazine

2016-05-30 Clean Water Restoration Act Nuances (Interesting Little Jewel for Ric & Jack)



2016-08-29 Jurisdiction Is The Solution by MUST READ

What Will Western Montana Look Like Under the CSKT Compact?

2016-08-24 Action Proposed to Confront S3103 2nd Request


2016-08-17 [New post] FJBC Issues Press Release
The GOP's Shocking Attack on America's National Forests
Even the environmental extremists do not like these bills
2015-06-04 Telling On Themselves: Rural Cleansing in Idaho and Montana
(Must Read)
2015-01-08_Summary of Proposed Compact Ordinance by Tribes - CSKT


Block 11 - The UN Connection to Tribal Expansion
The UN mission is to build a one world government with the UN cabal in control of all countries and all natural resources on land and sea. In order to carry out this global dictatorship they must break up the United States and the sovereignty of its Citizens, states and the united States. They tout global socialism, Agenda 21 rat packing of populations, parking out rural country sides, moving populations into the cities and high rises, expansion of wildness areas, parks, so called world heritage areas, using environmental extremism to take control of all private and public property including natural resources.


Block 12 - The Volume of Water CSKT is Taking Compared to Other Montana Reservations

The Flathead reservation Confederation of Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) and their legal team are claiming 13 times more water (acre feet) than all the other 6 tribes combined! (6827 Acre Feet/528.2 Acre Feet = 12.92)

Total population of all Montana tribes in above table = 66,598

Total Montana population July 1, 2018 Census = 1,082,305

Tribal population= 6.2% of the State.

Relate with the feds & state you elected with the Eagles song- "Take it to the Limit One More Time"

2013 critical-review-cskt-compact-final

The Treaty of Hellgate only gives the Flathead, Kootenai and Upper Pend Oreille tribes fishing rights not water rights and not ownership of the reservation. The tribes agreed in the treaty.. "to commit no depredations upon the property of all citizens. And if anyone or more of them violates this pledge, and the fact be satisfactorily proved before the gent, the property take shall be returned.." Elaine Willman has establish in her book "Going to Pieces" that the more wealthy tribes are using the federal subsidized funding and gambling money to buy the 4 L's, i.e. lobbyists, legislators, litigators and land. She also says that very little of all this money is used to improve the tribal family quality of life. Just like any welfare handouts, it is extremely corrupt, inefficient and only a small fraction of the funding gets to the person who really needs it. As an example, 11% of the U.S. welfare funds gets to the poor families.

The tribes do not own the reservation anymore than a private property owner owns the county or city they live in.

The fed owns the land and water on the reservations not the tribes. The water is to service the reservation not a right. State water are lease rights of water on reservations. The U.S. Constitution says no state within a state is allowed.
The tribes are no more sovereign than a country or city municipality. The three sovereigns of American, One Nation Under God is established by the U.S. Constitution from top to bottom as follows: (1) the Individual, (2) the State and (3) the Federal or united States.
"Second, whatever the doctrinal underpinnings of tribal sovereignty may be, it is clear that the sovereignty of American Indian tribes has been progressively and systematically diminished by the actions of the federal government, including the Supreme Court."


Block 13 - Initial Water Basins CSKT Water Compact is Trying to Claim Beyond Their Reservation
The Montana Confederation of Salish and Kootenai Tribe (CSKT) reservation is outlined by the cross sectional area 76L in the above map. The CSKT water compact expanded their "claims/demands" from section 76L to the green area shown beyond existing reservation, see above.


Block 14 - Second Over Reaching Basins Map CSKT Legal Dept. is Trying to Claim
The Confederation of Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT), smelling white man's blood, expanded their claims to include the so called "pre european aboriginal rights". The Montana courts, Governor Bullock, AG Fox and 53 District Senators out of the 100 all pandered to the tribal money and literally to the reservations bending over to help them stick it too Montana property owners. Montana AG Fox is reported to have taken 50 of his people to the CSKT reservations to suck up. Money talks and property rights walk. The tribal governments are the only government who can write another government a check. This political influencing needs to be reversed now.
These two maps above are to be interpreted as follows. The map of water takings written into the CSKT compact (map above this one) take 20% of the state if you agree with the compact. If you do not agree to the compact, the Confederation of Salish & Kootenai Tribes and their legal department will file claims for water rights for 2/3 of the state, map directly above. This is the threat the tribes and their law department have rolled out to Montana state Citizens. The two Montana U.S. Senators and one Representative have swallowed along with over half of the district senators and representative have swallowed. Unreal huh?


Block 15 - My Meeting Notes Over viewing The Water Taking Agenda
Dead Harvest
View Dead Harvest and Learn the End Game

How the fed is taking our water and property - Here are some of my notes from one meeting (2-8-2016) with Elaine Willman and Larry Kogan in Kalispell , Montana. Mr. Kogan is principal of the Kogan Law Firm in New York. Do not hold me for full accuracy on these notes, I was writing fast. There were no local Montana attorneys who would take the case for the irrigators and those standing up against this massive water taking. What does that tell you?

1. 11 Montana counties are currently involved
2. No local Montana county or city municipal government willingly to take this on
3. $3.5 billion have been given to the tribes in America to take back private lands
4. No accounting of this funding by the tribes
6. No constitutional protection as a tribal member leads to tribal abuse
7. The state owns rivers and bottom lands
8. There were 12 tribal lawyers & Larry Kogan at this one hearing, i.e. a kangaroo court
9. If economic harm can be shown, it can be challenged
10. Turkey is courting northern border reservations for the uranium on the BIA land - check out Kogan Law Firm discovery on this - link here
12. The War Power Act is being used to restore the reservations
13. The fed owns land on the reservations
14. The water on the reservation is used to service the reservation but not with rights
15. State water are lease rights of water on reservations
16. If navigable river then fed can take water and not pay for it
17. Tribes want to go to a higher rate on water
18. The Kerr Dam which controls Flathead Lake has been given to the CSKT and does not have to pay local taxes which Polson, Montana in part depended upon. The state and county loose in taxes. The Ross dam is now in a federal trust.
19. No public accountability via utilities for the tribes
20. They get regulatory waiver and exemption.
21. Feds gave them with buffers zones of air and water and all facilities and housing associated with Kerr Dam
22. The BIA now own Kerr dam and Mission Power south of Flathead Lake, an illegal government monopoly
23. These coops are exempt from utilities commission
24. FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) is the regulatory agency
25. Constitution says no state can be established within a state
26. Unsettling of the West. The EPA is reinterpreting Congressional intent
27. Congress intended to homestead the reservations & integrate indians in the West, i.e. assimilate.
28. 34 states are suing
29. Watch this video "Dead Harvest on Vineo" regarding California San Luis Dam disaster and how it was turned from a lush farm land into a massive dust bowel.
30. The fed is killing crop production using EPA who have been slapped down 20 times in the last 6 years. The EPA has become a kingdom of its own. For more on the fraudulent activities of the EPA link here
31. The tribes have become extensions of the fed, states and city and county municipal corporations to fulfill their policy agenda
32. Feds use the tribes who get subsidized $ and contract so tribes are willing conspirators and subjects
33. Fed reservations using aboriginal rights as legal precedence to take water from West
34. Warren Buffet owns 4 dams in Oregon plus 3 in California.
35. Klamath Restoration Agreement were told it was something else, i.e. bait and switch, suckered into the agreement.
36. It is now ESA water and irrigators cannot get to water
37. In 1970 era, Clinton made Fish & Wildlife more important than irrigators
38. Klamath lesson very valuable to know what to expect to prevent problems, i.e. house on sink holes.
39. Public affairs important make contacts and share stories with Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and California
40. Federal Power Act used to move water around
41. They run the water out and use a precedence
42. "Benign racial discrimination" - strict scrutiny test, Nixon did it and it has gone haywire
43. Gradual process to educate the courts re. water rights fiction
44. The two maps on tribal water takings, see above "Basins..."are to be interpreted as follows. The map of water takings written into the CSKT compact take 20% of the state if you agree with the compact and if you do not agree to the compact the Confederation of Salish & Kootenai Tribes and their legal department will take 2/3 of the state. This is intimidation on a grand scale.
45. No balance anymore, the fed has a tie to international affairs
46. UN Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development with Geneva and U.S. government allowing takings with Executive Dept. directing feds agencies
47. Congress delegated power to agencies and delegated away their authority to control via public hearings
39. This administration (Obama) will force you to sue up to the highest court to drain you financially then they don't act!
40. Water hover craft in Alaska stopped by USFS over jurisdiction
41. Not a single Montanan attorney will help a Montana property owner in water takings
42. State Water Tower Committee
43. Corruption & collusion
44. Constitution violations profound
45. Legal & legislative system co opted
46. Every state has a conflict of interest!
47. Next generation needs to know
48. They are reversing the history of the West
49. Social Science Research Network search using Attorney "Lawrence Kogan" yields these publications - Timeout=50000000
50. Montana Blackfoot tribe has 80 miles of northern US border
51. Forest Udall Foundation, an independent federal agency, shadow agency, helps the fed, e.g. "borders are problematic" -

52. Car loads of Montana Salish Indians waived through the Montana Canada border
53. Turkey accessing US northern border tribes intentionally
54. 326 reservations out of 562 tribes
55. Transfer of national parks to tribal governments, 90 parks going
56. All water in West side of Continental Divide goes into the Columbia Basin
57. UN political delegation of Rights for Indians network
58. Aboriginal rights & land cannot coexist with U.S. Constitution
59. Standing Doctrine
60. Three branches of government are not fulfilling their original intent
61. Liberal academics playing
62. Same type of people getting in councils and reservations
63. CSKT Confederation of Salish & Kootenai Tribes talking of reducing blood type to get more members by adding extended families
64. It takes creative legalize to go against the federal regulations
65. Key descriptive words of this taking by Mr. Kogan are - globalism, police power, war power invoked, we don't mind our fences, i.e. loose borders.
66. We are in a historical shift of rule of men not rule of law
67. Negative Rights
68. Establishment Clause is violated with tribes
69. "Lawfare" vs. "Warfare"
70. Environmental extremism and the tribes are used by the feds
71. 17 tribes went to the border
72. In 2012 the tribes were being used for nuclear plants and Canadian border supported by a unanimous congress
73. Turkey support terrorist groups of Muslims Brotherhood infiltrated into White House, i.e. ISIS
74. Tribal courts bad

Klamath  reservation Oregon water rights takings


Block 16 - No Constitutional Muster in the Passage of a Bill in Montana
Montana Passage of a Bill Pg 1
Montana Passage of a Bill pg 2

The Fly in the Bill Passage Process

There is a major flaw in the Montana state bill passage process and probably the same issue in all states. There is no state or United States constitutional vetting. Unconstitutional bills are allowed to be approved and become de facto and colored law. Thereby forcing state Citizens to fight for their lives, property and water rights after the bill has passed all while the politicians and benefiting groups who have funded and lobbied for these takings walk away smiling while the downstream state sovereign Citizen is left with their excrement.

This so called bill approval process needs to change now. There needs to be a moratorium on all state legislation until an effective constitutional vetting process is inserted and required in this process.

All state legislation should be reviewed and reversed as necessary.

Bills not passing state and U.S. Constitutional muster are null and void.

How to Establish Constitutional Muster of a Bill

Government executive and legal offices, e.g. Attorney General defy constitutional muster. Political and career self interest always undermine any legal challenge to a bill, i.e. they are biased. This is why the bill approval process is so destructive to private property rights and the latest fad used to take property and natural resources from the state sovereign Citizens.

The answer is to put the responsibility of determining state and the U.S. constitutional muster on an independent constitutional attorney. One independent constitutional attorney will be chosen by the side of the proponent of the bill and one independent constitutional attorney will be chosen by the opponent of the bill. Both attorneys must agree the bill is constitutional before the bill can pass. Both the proponent and opponent may choose one constitutional attorney if they so agree.

Both the state and the U.S. constitutions must meet muster before the bill passes. Furthermore, if the bill entangles or has adhesion language which has the potential to impact other states or property holding classifications, then the bill must be fully coordinated with those groups.

The game is up taking sovereign Citizens long established and standing rights in the back room or by international law or by race baiting like reparations and aboriginal "rights". The game is over with political taking anyone rights without their direct FULLY INFORMED vote. The sovereign State Citizen created the states and the states created the united States, not visa versa. No public elected people have never been given the authority or jurisdiction to vote away our fundamental and founding unalienable rights. One case, one judge, one court and one legislative session does not meet muster to change long established fundamental and founding use of the land and water via long established charters, laws and the American Revolution War!

The sovereign state Citizen has the right to nullify the laws of the land anytime, not just in court. It is no accident this right is refused often by the color of law and not revealed to you in court and it is no accident you are not given a chance to nullify any bill. Your "representative" or "senator" has not been given your power or right to nullify. The Citizen vote has been intentionally left out of the bill passage process!

No bill should ever move forward unless all state Citizens impacted by this bill have personally voted on it. Again your freedom, liberty and free choice has been intentionally subverted. State district representatives and senators are not given the sovereign state Citizen's Power of Attorney to take proper;ty from them they depend on for their individual life, liberty and survival.

Additional Corrections to the Bill Passage Process

No bundling of bills should be allowed. No burying key provisions into larger and/or like kind bills. All bills should be separate with clearly stated pros and cons written by both sides of the bill. Bills cannot made so large and complex that they are a burden to read and understand. All bills should be also voted on by the people impacted by the bill before they pass.


Block 17 - Chief Joseph Speaks - Treat all men alike. Give them the same laws.
Chief Joseph has always been a hero of mind since I was a kid growing up on the U.S. Forest Service Ranger Stations in Montana. Dad's 2nd full ranger position was in Wisdom, Montana in the Big Hole Valley, the land of the 10,000 hay stacks. The Big Hole battlefield was 30 minutes or so west of Wisdom and our families socialized with U.S. Dept. of Interior Park Service ranger at that time and his family. This is a great soul who spoke the truth for all Americans. The Great Spirit spoke through him. Jack Venrick
Chief Joseph
Chief Joseph of the Nes Perces Tribe Speaks For All Americans

“In the treaty councils the commissioners have claimed that our country had been sold to the Government. Suppose a white man should come to me and say, "Joseph, I like your horses, and I want to buy them." I say to him, "No, my horses suit me, I will not sell them." Then he goes to my neighbor, and says to him: "Joseph has some good horses. I want to buy them, but he refuses to sell." My neighbor answers, "Pay me the money, and I will sell you Joseph's horses." The white man returns to me and says, "Joseph, I have bought your horses, and you must let me have them." If we sold our lands to the Government, this is the way they were bought."

Chief Joseph 1876

Now, karmically, all non tribal, non minority Americans are being swindled by the same government con game offered to Chief Joseph, what goes around comes around. Jack Venrick

"If the white man wants to live in peace with the Indian he can live in peace. There need be no trouble. Treat all men alike. Give them the same laws. Give them all an even chance to live and grow. All men were made by the same Great Spirit Chief. They are all brothers. The earth is the mother of all people, and all people should have equal rights upon it. You might as well expect all rivers to run backward as that any man who was born a free man should be contented penned up and denied liberty to go where he pleases. If you tie a horse to a stake, do you expect he will grow fat? If you pen an Indian up on a small spot of earth and compel him to stay there, he will not be contented nor will he grow and prosper. I have asked some of the Great White Chiefs where they get their authority to say to the Indian that he shall stay in one place, while he sees white men going where they please. They cannot tell me."

Chief Joseph visit to Washington, D.C., 1879

How clear and simple is this wisdom offered by Chief Joseph to all Americans. Jack Venrick


Block 18 - Reservations From Temporary Holding To Aboriginal Rights

"The reservations were only meant to be temporary holding areas allowing the tribes to assimilate into American way of life and not become permanent refuges.  Now there are 567 tribal governments rapidly controlling entire regions with 400 more queuing up for more of the same welfare.  “The tribes are extensions of the Federal, State & their Municipal Corporations to fulfill their policy agendas.”

Elaine Willman

The Federal government, especially the Dept. of Interior BIA, is using the tribes by subsidizing them and allowing vice revenue. The federal reservations use of aboriginal claims for water rights has become "legal precedence" to take water from the west and tie up land and water rights for the global to local one world government elites. FreedomForAllSeasons opinion

Aboriginal "Rights and Reparations" -

Inventions of the Globalist's spreading into countries, governments and courts to divide and conquer using victim mentality, blame, hate, deviousness, to break down freedom and liberty and unity, e.g. "One Nation Under God.

How insane is this agenda to establish aboriginal claims to water resources. We all have aboriginal roots in some country. Just try to go back and claim them! This is race baiting at its extreme. We all thread back to some form of tribal ancestry. In less than 30 years this witchcraft has been fanned by the globalist's with the help of lawyers and politicians for their own profit and power. Anyone crazy enough to believe they can regress race claims back to their ancestry for ownership of land, water and resources which have long since been fought for, bought and sold uncountable times is .

Claiming "aboriginal rights is right up there with reparation claims by African Americans. Maybe I should claim religious persecution reparations to Germany because one side of my family were forced out of the Palatinate area along the east side of the Rhine? This nonsense of reversing history is another tool of taking and deception the cabal uses to roll up more power, land, water and natural resources.

The native American tribes were devastated by European disease and more advanced weapons and technology. The tribes were warring constantly with each other. The only reason they have survived to this day in large part is because the European and Scandinavian advancements in vaccinations and having been forced onto reservations where it was more possible to give them vaccinations. Now the federal government is funding them billions of dollars a year to roll up all private and public American land, water and natural resources back to the Federalist and globalist Agenda 21. With 20-20 hind sight, the anti-Federalist were right on.

You may as well say, since we all need fresh air to breathe and all of our aboriginal ancestors have had this air to breathe for eons MY tribe or MY race and MY extended family is special and entitled to all the air above and around our land for 200 miles as our aboriginal rights! No one else will be allowed to breath the air around our reservations because we are special, vis-a-vis being paid by the Federalist to take your land and water. This is all political law which is de facto lawlessness based ONLY on force and deception having no basis in fundamental or founding charters or truth. This is a criminal act of deception, force, violence, embezzlement, misfeasance, malfeasance, larceny and sabotage against the free and sovereign American state Citizens. It is being rolled out by politicians, tribes, lawyers and federalists using false flag fear.

Every government agency is directly involved in the seeding of property taking lies whether they know it or not and whether they admit it or not. Ignorance, apathy and denial are all the same disease from the same symptoms of greed and ego. The same deception the government used on Chief Joseph, they now use on all sovereign state Citizens, especially private property owners.

Governments, tribes, races, countries and corporations have no unalienable rights. Unalienable rights are bestowed by birth through God into every soul born on this planet. No court, judge, president, senator, representative, governor, attorney general, priest, minister may bestow the grace of God upon a living soul.

Governments are created by the divine sovereign state Citizens to protect their INDIVIDUAL UNALIENABLE RIGHTS ONLY, not give them away! It is your choice to be a fool, a criminal or a divine human being.

The American colonists created the colonies and states, the states created the united states and we the individual divine sovereign state Citizens created ONE NATION UNDER GOD. America is a free republic with a bottom up hierarchy not top down dictatorship rolling up our land and water and unalienable rights by bribing a minority. All the sovereign state Citizens including individuals of natural born or rightfully naturalized are the new kings and queens, not race baited groups, not the municipal monarchy, not the state monopoly, not the federal monarchy and especially not the United Nations. We either unite and make a stand or we will a surely be disenfranchised into warring tribes, cultures, races and political differences.

The reality is the tax taking funding into these quasi tribal corporations and organizations is used to buy political votes that do not represent the people being taken. Cut the ability to fund political campaigns and cut all tax funding into the reservations and everything changes. Only 20% who live on the reservations are native Americans and the other 80$ are non natives and land owners.

FreedomForAllSeasons Opinion


Block 19 - Is the American Indian an Endangered Species?
According to this report link here, the American native tribes were near wiped out by smallpox. This was also called "native soil" disease and was thought to be brought in by European and Scandinavian explorers sailing to the east coast. Also tribal wars, weather and starvation contributed to their decline.
By 1800 Cowpox vaccinations were common place. FreedomForAllSeasons theory is that the partial recovery of the American tribes was do to their easier accessibility to vaccinations after they were relocated onto reservations. Ironically what they hated the most appears to may have also saved them.

1. This pie chart above confirms in part what Elaine Willman says in her book "Going to Pieces" which updates these numbers. As of the date of her book 2005, she is reporting that 20% of the tribes still live on the reservations, i.e. down from 24.9% shown in pie chart above. Leaving 80% who have left and 15% of this 80% are reported to be living near the reservations.

2. The other 80% on the reservations are non indians who moved into the reservations as they were sold off and made available for settling by Congress.

2. Elaine Willman is reporting 562 American Indian tribes with 400 more groups wanting government status for the government hand outs of course.

3. Elaine is also reporting 411 megabuck casinos.

4. This all adds up to a toxic poison for the surrounding property and business owners and "One Nation Under God". Read both Elaine Willman's books if you need convincing.

The researchers in the above table are estimating North American native populations Circa 1492 between 1.0 million and 18 million, wide spread of data.
Probable smallpox epidemics across North America by date
"The most hideous enemy of native Americans was not the white man and his weaponry, concludes Alfred Crosby,"but the invisible killers which those men brought in their blood and breath." It is thought that between 75 to 90 percent of all Indian deaths resulted from these killers." Link of article with this quote.


Block 20 - Who is Behind The Tribal Water Taking?

Here are the Montana "3 Musketeers" that are taking down state sovereignty by pushing for tribal water rights at the expense of local Montana irrigators, farmers, ranchers and private property owners.

I believe these three have made a devils deal among themselves to mediate their political differences. These three "win" political power giving up state water rights while 97% of Montanan's loose their water rights in exchange for a warm feeling the tribe will not sue them. Is that a deal or what?

Link here to see vote on S.262 - 53 Yeas 47 Nays to take the water rights of 97% of the Citizens in Montana.
Link here for 155 more Native American bills from all of the states
What you will not find is 155 bills protecting you private property rights, water rights and wages from being taken by the government or some non government organizations benefiting from the taking.



Block 21 - Support and Join These Organizations Who Are Fighting Global to Local Take Over of YOUR Private and Public Property in America - Notice received 9-23-2016

In work - watch for this site by landowners, irrigators, farmers and ranchers who all need adequate land and water to provide America's food supply.




Section 2 - How Water Rights Are Taken in the USA

Water Rights Defined


Do Not Register Your Well


Click on photo above for full view of article


"In 1900 the Supreme Court characterized wetlands as
"the cause of malarial and malignant fevers" and
proclaimed that "the police power is never more
legitimately exercised than in removing such nuisances." 
Later in the century, politicians changed their minds
about wetlands.  Currently, federal officials often act as if
"the police power is never more legitimately exercised"
than in punishing and imprisoning private citizens who
want to modify property they own that federal agents
allege to be wet." Lost Rights by James Bovard, pg. 33

FreedomForAllSeasons Endorses Steve Neugebauer


A New Landscape Agenda USA

Conservation & Relocation Act

Excerpted from Howard Phillips Issues and Strategy Bulletin of October 15, 2000


"Late Thursday afternoon, the Senate passed the Interior Appropriation's [sic] Bill by a vote of 83-16, which included a watered down, but still healthy version of CARA [Conservation And Reinvestment Act]. The House passed the same compromise on Tuesday 349-69, sending the measure to the President for his
signature. Many have claimed victory because the compromise only authorizes the CARA programs for six years and the funding remains subject to congressional oversight, but the fact remains, Congress caved on CARA."


"The compromise authorizes many aspects of the original bill. It is a six- year, $12 billion commitment that the White House supports because it gave them more than they sought through their Lands Legacy Initiative. The environmentalists are pleased because it dramatically increases the environmental budget and authorizes
many new programs. ..."


"The bill provides $2.5 billion more than President Clinton requested and $3.9 billion over the current funding of these programs -- more than doubling last [year's] federal conservation spending. ...

"[Senate] Majority Leader Trent Lott, who is a supporter of CARA, said that the 63 Senators who signed the DeWine letter supporting the passage of CARA have not given up [Editor: they want even more]. ..."


"The Interior version of the bill increases government acquisition of private lands...." Source: Liberty Matters News Service, 10/6/20, Faxback Doc 2035, 1-800-847-0227

Voting "No" in the Senate (Senate Roll Call no. 266, passed 83-13, 10/5/00) were:

Breaux (D-La.), Brownback (R-Kans.), Feingold (D-Wisc.), Fitzgerald (R-Ill.), Graham (D-Fla.), Gramm (R-Tex.), Helms (R-N.C.), Inhofe (R-Okla.), Landrieu (D-La.), McCain (R-Ariz.), Sessions (R-Ala.), Smith (R-N.H.), and Voinovich (R-Ohio).

Great overview by Land Rights

2009-6-17 Clean Water Restoration Act Gains Detractors

The act has the support of conservation groups including Ducks Unlimited, the National Wildlife Federation, the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, and Trout Unlimited.

Advocacy groups representing utilities, industry, agriculture and landowners are mounting an offensive against the proposed Clean Water Restoration Act, which is coming up for committee vote in the

The act, S 787, would broaden regulation of the nation’s waterways, most notably removing the requirement that regulated waterways be

In so doing, the government would essentially be able to regulate everything from standing water in flood plains to creeks that run behind business and residences.

2009-6-16 Senate Committee to Vote on Clean Water Restoration Act -

Advocacy groups representing utilities, industry, agriculture and landowners are mounting an offensive against the proposed Clean Water Restoration Act, which is coming up for committee vote in the

The act, S 787, would broaden regulation of the nation’s waterways, most notably removing the requirement that regulated waterways be

In so doing, the government would essentially be able to regulate everything from standing water in flood plain's to creeks that run behind business and residences.

2008-4 Sportsmen Beware the Clean Water Restoration Act

  1. Wow. This legislation would give federal regulators the power to restrict hunting, sport fishing, etc. Did you know that environmentalists think the lead from spent shot hurts the environment and pollutes, so they want to ban hunting near
    bodies of water (like creeks, rivers, ponds of any size)? This legislation would give un elected bureaucrats the power to do that,
    and give green groups the power to sue the government if the bureaucrats refuse to do that.

Any hunter or sport fisherman or shooting sports fan
who urges people to support this bill is not a 2nd Amendment fan.

Read more at or .
Don’t fall for the spin. The current Clean Water Act
is still in effect and was never repealed.



Water War Agenda Map

The UN's Agenda For 2010
Global Agenda - New Tools For YOU (Henry Lamb)


Catherine Fitts

Okay Ms. Fitts: "...... you mention as a prime factor that governs our lives on planet earth for roughly the last 500 years “the central banking- warfare investment model.” Can you describe to us at the beginning of this interview some of the essential characteristics, rationales and goals
of that “model”?

“The central banking-warfare investment model” is really a control model, through which a small group of people can control the most resources on the most profitable basis. Essentially what happens is:
Central banks print money and then the military makes sure that other parties accept it and that the financial system continues to have liquidity.

The question many people ask with regards to a fiat currency, which is a paper currency, is: Why would anybody take paper, which has no value? They take the paper, because it’s part of the enforcement and military supervision, if you will, of the network that is printing the
money. The system has created a fantastically profitable way of controlling large populations and access to resources very cheaply.

Let’s say for a second that Mr. Global is in charge of “the central banking-warfare investment model”: Mr. Global prints money and then people take that paper and give him in essence what he needs to buy up and control the national resources. The
population is dependent on his paper and then he controls all the real things. Also through the military, he can steal whatever he wants. And organized crime is a very important component as well, because it can
be expansive to drop an army and to occupy a place. If he can take over a place and buy that place with the place’s own money, it’s much more efficient, and that’s where the drug business traditionally comes in. It’s basically part of a model for controlling a territory with huge resources in the cheapest way possible."

2010-9-3 Behind the Wheel With Catherine - About Her & Interview
"Although it is unpleasant to acknowledge, we are caught up in an invisible war. We are being tricked and, in many cases, we can't see the game. It follows that if we don't know we're being 'played,' we won't know how to protect ourselves. My goal is to remove the barriers that prevent you from seeing this game: how it affects your money, your health, and your safety. Then I can help you take action. This is why I am doing The Solari Report."
Catherine Austin Fitts - Listen to short audio clip on "Mind Control"
Learn How Everything You Own Is Stolen -
You Don't Know THEM, See THEM Nor Elect THEM


2005-12-12 Laws Needed To Protect Private Property Rights
2006-2-27 Broke Back Legislature
2008-2-6 Global Warming, NARLO, Property Rights

Clean Water Act

S.787 - Clean Water "Restoration" Act

A bill to amend the Federal Water Pollution Control Act to clarify the jurisdiction of the United States over waters of the United States.


The scheme behind Agenda 21 is to
implement a New World Order by:

1. Controlling the water,

2. Abolishing private property,

3. Reducing human population, and

4. Then controlling the people.

The objective is to control the people by relocating them from
suburbs and rural areas to cities ('human settlements' or
Smart Growth communities


Section 3 - Incoming and Outgoing Emails on Water Rights

2011 Incoming and Outgoing Regarding Your Water Rights



2009 - 2014 Incoming Regarding Your Water Rights


California Dry Ditch Man Made Drought

The California man-made drought, which affects
America's food supply, was caused by the federal
government enforcing the Endangered Species Act. By
government edict, needed water runs into the ocean.
2009-10-7 Water Wars Corruption! Collusion! Scandal!


Water Right Groups And Individuals Fighting Green Government/NGO Takings

Land Rights
National Association For Rural Property Owners
Citizens Alliance For Property Rights
Olympic Stewardship Foundations
Environmental Sciences Peer Review Institute
Dr. Robert N. Crittenden


Incoming/Outgoing Rural Property Owner Email On Water Takings
(Contact information removed where deemed applicable)

2010-11-29 This is for all folks in the USA_- Call your DC Senators and let them know your feeling about S_510 and get this junk stopped!!!!!!
2010-11-28 Feedback IS NO Longer Accepted - WATERSHED PLAN IMPLEMENTATION « EcoForum
2010-11-14 Late Post WRIAs 25-26 Longview before WA DOE
2010-11-14 Late Post SB5254 - Watershed Mgmt Partnership - Eminent Domain Powers
2010-11-14 Late Post 5-27-10 Morton hearing before WA DOE
2010-11-14 $1 million federal grant to pay for update of Clallam County shoreline master plan - Olympic Peninsula
2010-11-04 Late Post - Locking Up Water
2010-11-03 Late Post - Control The Water, Control The Population
2010-11-02 WA Supreme Court Decesion Against DOE
2010-11-02 WA DOE Employees List as of 2009
2010-11-02 Late Post Surprise Surprise WA DOE Ignores Public Input
2010-11-01 Wrapping Our Minds Around The Enormity of The Taking in Process
2010-11-01 Urgent Announcements re. DeWeese Clear Act, Great Outdoors conservation Int. & Livable Communities Act
2010-11-01 State of WA DOE Insanity - Shoreline Master Plan and Do You Live Close To Water In Puget Sound
2010-11-01 State of WA DOE - Shoreline Master Plan -
Growth Mgmt Act Or Global Predetermined Agendas (WA King County Sheriff)
2010-11-01 State of WA DOE - Shoreline Master Plan -
Growth Mgmt Act Or Global Predetermined Agendas
2010-11-01 Late Post Fort Discovery WA - New Videos Uploaded
2010-11-01 5 Public Hearings (in Name Only) Through Out the State of WA by DOE
2010-11-1 WA Water by Jim Boyer
2010-10-31Jefferson County, WA Watershed Center grant worth $800,646
2010-10-31 Your Water Rights Record Them
2010-10-31 WRIA 25-26 Planning Unit Membership
2010-10-31 Wetlands Class
"These transcripts from meetings in Morton and Longview represent citizens' comments factually. They are standing up to the WRIA/DOE scam. As you scan the comments, you will notice that the DOE used the standard format of directing people to sit and face a court reporter. What differs from our
meetings is that the transcripts were furnished almost immediately. "
Jim Boyer
2010-7-17 Late Post - Why do I have to keep going to public meetings to protect myself against my own government
2010-9-26 Late Post - Protect Shoreline Property STOP EHB 1653
2010-9-26 Late Post - DRAFT. To Jefferson Co. PA re. SMP Taking
2010-9-26 Late Post - Dr. Robert N. Crittenden
2010-9-26 Late Post - Civil Conversations With Uncivil DOE Clerks


Yes, you are right on; people are waking up. Formerly mind-their-own- business citizens are becoming radicalized by agencies that, to paraphrase an old quote, commit their idiotic abuses faster than we can catalogue them.
A local government watchdog includes in his posts this passage from the Open Public Meetings Act that succinctly characterizes not just the need for transparency but the proper relationship between citizen and government:
The people of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies that serve them. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what
is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may maintain control over the instruments that they have created.

For four years citizens have been given a seat in the back of the room, waiting for their three minutes to speak, while Ecology/DCD holds court.

The flow of information is so tightly controlled that they dilute our real questions in their own hand, resulting in a FAQ format that is the informational equivalent of Home Run Derby. Citizen advise and consent has only really only really "counted" - as Michelle reminded Ken a few weeks ago - during formal public comment period, which by my calculations has only amounted to 8%
of the time.

Now we are at the most critical juncture of new rules we will be living with 100%, 24/7 and we are again outside the ropes.

A pro-Ecology, pro-fundamentalist SMP supporter recently said "everyone in Washington is a shoreline property owner." This is the attitude of local planning bureaucracies, state agencies, and self- interested NGOs. Wrong. That is not what the SMA says. Property owners are the ones with skin in the game, and our comments need to count now  than ever. We are much more than the 8% solution.
Jim Hagen


Section 4 - How Washington State Takes Water Rights

State of Washington Bastelle


Does this sound like the State of WA Dept. of Ecology?

Inspired by the principles of Bizarro Economics, this was written by
Kevin Waterman on his blog Questing for Atlantis.

  1. Real people don’t matter. Abstractions like “the county” and
    “our rural way of life” do.
  2. Farmers are stupid. Since they don’t know enough to ignore
    profit opportunities it is necessary to destroy their land values
    and take away land-use options so they will keep their farmland
    the way it is.
  3. Developers are stupid. Whenever it is legally possible they will
    develop land, regardless of whether or not it makes economic
    sense. That’s why we have to make sure it’s impossible to ever
    develop anything.
  4. The only way to save the county for future generations is to make
    sure there are no places for future people to live.
  5. No one could possibly support property rights unless they stand
    to profit from it. If it looks otherwise they’ve secretly been
    bought out by developers.
  6. Being legally able to do something and actually doing something
    are the same thing.
  7. Supply and demand are imaginary. Single family homes are less
    affordable to buy than giant farms.
  8. New development only imposes costs. In spite of appearances
    otherwise, people who live in homes only consume services; they
    don’t actually make any income that generates tax revenue or
    grows the economy.
  9. It’s greed when a person uses their own resources to create more
    housing opportunities for other people. It’s selfless civic activism
    when a person uses government to take away people’s rights in
    order to enforce their own vision of how things should be.

Jim Boyer


“These people are committed public servants who show up every day to do very challenging work that the people of Washington, through their elected legislature, have charged us with doing.  They are much more
fair-minded than you think, and strive to balance the environmental mission with many of the concerns that you share.  They do hard, important work, and I regret that they are frequently subjected to criticism that is undeserved.” 

 - Ted Sturdevant, Director Washington Department of Ecology


*** “Anytime someone puts a spade in the ground and turns over one shovel of dirt the ecological function of that land is lost forever”

Kathy Taylor, Department of ecology “scientist”. 

Excerpt provided by Jim Boyer

State of Washington Recreation and Conservation Funding Board
Olympia Tea Party Says NO To DOE & Gives Them an Earful
Olympia Tea Party Recommended Course of Action re. Ecology
WA State Governor EO Forces DOE & Challenged in EFF Law Suit


Jack's Challenges State of Washington & Muni Corp. Dept. of Ecology Existence

24 Questions Why - To State of Washington DOE
Changing Your Water Rights - NO CONFIDENCE - UPDATED Memo submitted to State of Washington DOE 8-23-2010

24 Questions Extracted Below

24 Questions Why to WA State DOE Pg1

24 Questiongs Why WA DOE Pg 2

24 Questions Why WA DOE Pg 3

24 Questons Why to WA DOE Pg 4

24 Questions Why to WA DOE Pg 5

24 Questions Why To WA DOE Pg 6

24 Questions Why to WA DOE Pg 7


Washington State Department of Ecology Reply
Mr. Venrick, I appreciate the time you've obviously taken in writing this email, but given our current situation of reduced resources and staff, and increased workload, I am not asking my staff to respond to
each of your questions, many of which are not questions of fact but very far reaching political and ideological arguments.  I will say that our process for gathering public input is defined by the Washington
Legislature in the form of the Administrative Procedures Act, which lays out how agencies are to conduct this business.  Allowing for public input is not at all the same as taking polls, which require statistically
valid samples.  Doing public opinion polls is not our job.
As to your question about communicating with property rights groups,
it is a frequent occurrence.
You claim my agency has a green bias.  As I'm sure you're aware, the job and mission of this agency is environmental protection, so I won't argue with you on that point.  As in the past, you have made quite
clear that you completely oppose all that we do, and of course we disagree on that.  From my obviously biased perspective, I find it unfortunate that you have such a skewed view of the people who work at the Department of Ecology, and the work they do.  These people are committed public servants who show up every day to do very challenging work that the people of Washington, through their elected legislature, have charged us with doing.  They are much more fair-
minded than you think, and strive to balance the environmental mission with many of the concerns that you share.  They do hard, important work, and I regret that they are frequently subjected to criticism that is undeserved.  Like anyone, we are not perfect, and it is
fair to criticize us when we fall short, but our mission is both valid and essential, and the people who work here are decent, committed public servants.  I expect we will continue to disagree on these points.
On specific issues like the Hillis rule, please feel free to continue to participate through the legally established public process.    
Ted Sturdevant, Director
Washington Department of Ecology


*** “Anytime someone puts a spade in the ground and turns over one shovel of dirt the ecological function of that land is lost forever”

Kathy Taylor, Department of Ecology “scientist”. 

Submitted by Jim Boyer

Kathy Taylor Attends - County Council workshop Aug_ 25 on Critical Areas Ordinance, Shoreline Master Plan - Journal of the San Juans

Jacks's reply to State of Washington DOE

Thank you for your prompt reply.

"I am sure you are all "committed public servants", the question is who are you committed too and who are you working for?

You are certainly not working for the property owners and I certainly did not instruct anyone in or out of government to "strive to balance the environmental mission". Mother Nature can well take care of herself.

Your mission is neither "valid nor essential". All evidence to date shows government agencies to be more destructive to mankind than any natural or man made environmental changes. Mother Nature can heal herself and man can mend his ways, but government can do neither. "

Regarding "being charged with... their elected legislature". Since we have no Constitutional Republic, we have no government. Additionally, we have no constitutions by the united States of America nor the several states.

Therefore, we have no legislature by the true and honest
definition. However, we certainly do have a tyrannical network of municipal corporations threading to the United States Inc., United Nations and on up the global elite tree which bears the poison fruit.

"I expect" you will try to force this poison down our propertied
throats until some critical mass of the property owners wake up to your true identity, i.e. a high school locker room bullies.

Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, Washington

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